[Premiile FIBRA #1] Gold FIBRA - Publicis - Bernie Speed Test / Bucharest 2021 – The European Capital of Culture / Arcub for Bucharest 2021

Campaign Summary

On March 3rd, the US Presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted that it's unacceptable for the US to have lower internet speed than in Bucharest, Romania.

This sparked a lot of controversy, as many people took offense to the tweet. However, we saw an opportunity to promote our city, especially now that Bucharest is a candidate for the European Capital of Culture. So, in under 10 hours, we created and launched BernieSpeedTest.com as a direct response to Mr. Sanders' tweet.

It's a website that allows everyone in the world to measure their internet speed and compare it to Bucharest's average (50 Mbps), while showing a meme-like reaction of Bernie, depending on the speed. The website went instantly viral, so we added a direct link to the Bucharest2021 website, so people from all over the world can discover that Bucharest has so much more to offer than just fast internet.


On the first day alone, we had 130.000 unique visitors from 172 countries (out of 193 countries in the world). It became instant prime-time news material on EVERY national TV channel and the story got picked up by major international press publications, like CNN, CNN Espana, NBC, CBS, ABC, getting $1 million worth of free media. And all of this for just $520 spent on hosting and traffic services.




Agentie: Publicis

Jorg Riommi / Chief Creative Officer
Mihnea Gheorghiu / Group Creative Director/Copywriter
Mihai Pocorschi / Head Developer
Bogdan Savonea / Consulting Producer
Mihai Botarel / Consulting Creative Director
Roxana Nita / Art Director

Agentie contributoare: Rage! - Application

Bogdan Savonea / Chief Marketing Officer

Agentie contributoare: RxM Creative 

Mihai Botarel / Co-Founder/Creative Director


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