[Premiile FIBRA #1] Shortlist FIBRA - Publicis - Selfies with Classics / National Library of Romania / National Library of Romania

In a reality where we spend a lot of our time in the digital world, it was about time for the National Library in Bucharest to join it. Wanting to offer better access as well as to preserve some classic works, they started the process of digitization. But it is not an easy one. So they wanted a campaign that would draw some attention to the project, while speaking in a relevant way for this medium. The aim was to bring the support of as many book lovers as possible, who are directed to the National Library's website where they can find out how they can pitch in.



Anna Karenina 




Project title: Selfies with Classics
Brand: National Library of Romania
Client: National Library of Romania



Agentie: Publicis

Jorg Riommi / Chief Creative Officer
Bob Toma / Group Creative Director
Bob Toma / Art Director
Andreea Popa / Copywriter
Bob Toma / Illustrator
Mihai Tenovici / Illustrator
Vali Petridean / Illustrator
Ana Chreih / Senior Account Manager
Adina Albu / Account Director
Ioana Moasa / Jr. PR Officer


Shortlist Premiile FIBRA #1:

Shortlist FIBRA - Selfies with Classics / 3.1 PRINT - Press

Shortlist FIBRA - Selfies with Classics / 4.1 CRAFT - Best Art Direction

Shortlist FIBRA - Selfies with Classics / 4.2 CRAFT - Best Illustration

Shortlist FIBRA - Selfies with Classics / 8.1 OUTDOOR - Billboard and Outdoor Poster