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Committed to results
At Brain 4 Strategy, we are helping companies of all sizes respond to reputation challenges by developing business relevant communication strategies. Trust is the way to the heart of your stakeholders and the strongest asset in crisis situations.

Brain 4 Strategy works with experts around the world to bring to you the highest expertise in corporate communication.


Ana-Maria has an experience of over 20 years in corporate communication, reputation management and crisis communication working with companies in challenging industries such as banking, retail, pharma, IT&C and oil&gas. Her exceptional skill set, true passion and strategic thinking lie at the heart of this agency.

​Co-founder and President of Global Women in PR Romania, Ana-Maria is also CIPR member. She values high PR standards in every piece of agency work, this is why Ana-Maria is the first Romanian PR person certified AME




Brain 4 Strategy exists to solve the critical issues our clients are facing. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide strategic solutions to help organisations overcome crisis situations, achieve their KPIs and optimise performance.
We will always look first at what you need...

  • Reputation management
  • Employer branding & internal communication
  • Crisis simulations & crisis management
  • Crisis Awareness Index (product developed with Unlock Market Research)
  • Media training
  • Customised measurement matrix
  • Financial communication, IPO and M&A (investor relations, road show etc.)


Strengthen your reputation
We examine what organisations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are doing it best. Looking to strengthen your corporate communication but not sure where to turn? Need to know where your reputation stands? Need help planning or executing your next employer branding campaign? Let us guide you. Any organisation can move forward with small incremental changes, but building a strong reputation for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means making insightful decisions. Not to forget all the risks now facing a brand in a world where trust is a precious good.

Communicating for IPOs and M&As
We guide our clients to navigate communication challenges around IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, change management and restructuring. We can help strengthen the relationship with key stakeholders. We bring local know how with international point of views together through our associates.

Expert Guidance
With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level in measurement. We combine our insights and skills to help you prove value in all communication projects. We’re proud to help shape and improve your evaluation and measurement investments.

Expert Guidance
With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to help prevent and manage crisis situations. At Brain 4 Strategy, we offer crisis simulations training's, issue mapping sessions, crisis manual development and first class crisis management services 24/7.
Together with Unlock Market Research we have developed a Crisis Awareness Index able to measure the immediate awareness of a crisis situation. When a crisis hits social media we have only numbers we can look at to analysis the impact of a situation, but what is the real awareness, what is the impact of the crisis? Now we know...

Prepare for media encounter
Looking to prepare for media interviews? Need help in understanding how media works? Planning to prepare for a media ambush during a crisis situation? Let us guide you. Our team of consultants and TV journalists are here to help you optimise your media performance. A crisis simulation training will put your crisis plan to the test.


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Phone: +40 740 42 68 35

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