Near Video-on-Demand

Transmiterea unui film(sau a unui alt program) la momente apropiate(la fiecare 15-30 minute) pe diferite canale, astfel incat atunci cad un spectator vrea sa vada un film, pe unul dntre canale el o sa ruleze peste cateva minute. Un film de doua ore cu o incepere intarziata de 15 minute, va ocupa astfel 8 canale, si 10 astfel de filme: 80 de canale. Faptul ca tehnologia digitala, care poate 'strecura' mai multe canale digitale in spatiul ocupat de un singur canal conventional sau analog, a oferit capacitatea tehnica pentru servicii 'video-on-demand'.

The transmission of a film (or other programme) at closely staggered times (say every 15 to 30 minutes) on different channels, so that when a viewer requests the film, its start is only a few minutes away on one of the channels. A two-hour film with staggered start times every 15 minutes would therefore occupy eight channels, and ten such films, 80 channels. The advent of digital technology, which can 'squeeze' many digital channels into the space occupied by just one conventional or analogue channel, has provided the technical capacity for near video-on-demand services.