Mark-Down Ratio

Diferenta dintre pretul original de vanzare al unui produs si pretul acestuia dupa reducere, exprimata ca procentaj din pretul redus; adica, daca o firma vinde un articol la pretul original de 20 de dolari, iar apoi la pretul redus de 15 dolari, mark-down=5 dolari, iar procentul mark-down este de 33% (5 dolari reprezentand o treime din 15).

The difference between the original selling price of an article and the price to which it is reduced in order to sell it, expressed as a percentage of the reduced price; that is, if a firm sells an article originally priced at $20 for a reduced price of $15, the mark-down is $5 and the mark-down ratio is 33.3 per cent, $5 being one third of $15.