[Weekend Watch List] Timpul nu există, dar asta nu ne oprește să îi punem pălării și să devenim adulți

[Weekend Watch List] Timpul nu există, dar asta nu ne oprește să îi punem pălării și să devenim adulți

Poate că în lumea cercetătorilor timpul nu există, dar doar pentru că ceva nu există, asta nu înseamnă că oamenii nu cred în el. Sau, așa cum zic mai bine cei de la Radiohead, Just 'cause you feel it, Doesn't mean it's there. Și pentru că suntem toți accidente pe cale să se întâmple, să luăm firul lung a multe din ceea ce ne înconjoară și să îl despicăm în patru sau infinit.

E treaba timpului să se comporte ca o convenție supusă interpretărilor, dar de weekend chiar avem nevoie să existe la modul cel mai real. E singurul loc în care avem timp și de jocuri cu mărgele de sticlă. Vă propunem, după cum urmează, conversații serioase despre lucruri serioase, inexistente sau mai puțin serioase. De la laboratorul Facebook de luptă împotriva știrilor false, pălăriile nunții regale și drumul spre feminism al miresei, până la un ghid despre cum să devenim adulți, previziunile sumbre ale autoarei Handmaid's Tale și un documentar despre Philip Roth. 


Facing Facts: An Inside Look At Facebook's Fight Against Misinformation

“Facing Facts” is short film that gives an inside look at Facebook's fight against misinformation. Documentary filmmaker Morgan Neville embedded with key members of the News Feed team at Facebook's headquarters to reveal how the company is grappling with the problem.


Prof. Carlo Rovelli – „What is time?”

Pe 6 iulie 2017 la Facultatea de Fizică a Universității din Varșovia prof. Carlo Rovelli a ținut o prelegere intitulată "Ce este timpul?".


Iconic Author Margaret Atwood on Abortion, Twitter, and Predicting Everything We're Doing Wrong

Margaret Atwood is one of a few writers who defy categorization. Published in over 35 countries, the award-winning Canadian author is as beloved by critics as she is high school students, as prolific with novels as she is her tweets. Her experiments in narrative, form, and genre—as well as her poet's ear for prose—have persisted throughout her decades-long career, and they foreground an explicit yet elegant execution of progressive politics: Atwood is an avowed environmentalist and an advocate of women's rights (though she bristles at being called a "feminist" outright).

Alongside all this is a persistent, clear-eyed examination of sex and the relationships between men and women, as well as a playful sense of humor and discovery; although she's well-known for her novels like The Handmaid's Tale and Oryx and Crake, she's also patented "remote writing technology" in the form of the LongPen and written a book to be published in 2114. We recently sat down with Atwood to discuss her long, varied career, the state of women's rights today, and whether she's noticed that speculative fiction books she published in the 80s have started coming true.



 How Meghan Markle Became An Advocate For Women At 11 Years Old

 Meghan Markle became an advocate for women when she was an 11-year-old elementary school student, and achieving gender equality remains a driving force for the fiancée of Britain’s Prince Harry and self-described “feminist.”


Philip Roth Unleashed Part 1 BBC One Imagine 2014

After Portnoy's Complaint launched him as a new literary voice, not to mention a scandalous one, Philip Roth went on to be hailed by many as America's greatest living writer. Never afraid to look hard at the extremes of human experience, he has been both consistently controversial and intensely private.

But now, having celebrated his 80th birthday in his home town of Newark, New Jersey, Roth, in conversation with Alan Yentob, is ready to tell the whole story in this special two-part film for imagine... Philip Roth Unleashed.


 How to Grow the F*ck Up: A Guide to Humans

Learning how to grow up and be more mature starts with knowing what you truly value. Being an adult means sticking to your values, even when it's not popular or doesn't benefit you.


 RX For the Anthropocene? Anthropophilia! | Andrew Revkin | TEDxSchenectady

Humanity’s astounding growth spurt is changing the climate, disrupting biology from the poles to the Equator and, for now, has left a couple billion people behind. Welcome to what a growing array of scientists are calling the Anthropocene – a geological age of our own making. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience covering global environmental challenges from the Amazon to the White House, The Hudson Valley to the North Pole, the journalist and author Andrew Revkin will argue that old top-down, finger-pointing approaches have mostly failed.


Why it's not a British royal wedding without fancy hats

While hats have fallen out of style for everyday fashion, they have remained as tradition at fancy shindigs like royal weddings, horse races, and other British formal occasions. 


Monogamy, explained

In 2016, more than 2.2 million couples got married in America, but more than 800,000 got divorced. Cheating and breakups cause grief and heartache every day. Yet some historians and evolutionary biologists say monogamy is a relatively new, self-imposed system. Their evidence suggests humans lived without it for more than 250,000 years. And we only started marrying for love in the 1700s. So if monogamy is so hard, why do most of us, all around the world, make it a central goal of our lives?


Why people are buying cartoon cats on the blockchain

Every time you send something on the internet, it’s a copy. But using new technology, can we make digital goods that are... rare? That’s the question behind CryptoKitties, a new game to buy, breed, and sell digital cats on the blockchain. These cats are more similar to real-world collectibles like beanie babies or baseball cards than they are to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. 


MIT AGI: OpenAI Meta-Learning and Self-Play (Ilya Sutskever)

This is a talk by Ilya Sutskever for course 6.S099: Artificial General Intelligence. He is the Co-Founder of OpenAI. This class is free and open to everyone. Our goal is to take an engineering approach to exploring possible paths toward building human-level intelligence for a better world. 

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