BRAND MINDS - These holidays offer the gift of EDUCATION!

BRAND MINDS - These holidays offer the gift of EDUCATION!

“Success is a continuing thing. It is growth and development. It is achieving one thing and using that as a stepping stone to achieving something else.”, John C Maxwell.


The best return on investment is EDUCATION.

There’s no better investment than the investment in yourself. To be successful in any area of your life, you need to keep growing and change your fixed mindset to a growth mindset. No matter your age, past life experience or career stage, learning never stops.

BRAND MINDS is the biggest business conference in Central and Eastern Europe. Our mission is to unite the business world by providing valuable insights from leaders in business, marketing, science, storytelling and entrepreneurship. 


3 Reasons to attend BRAND MINDS 2020

1. Get relevant ideas for your business and personal growth

In our past editions, some attendees extracted 10 business ideas while others came home after the event with 10 pages worth of hand-written notes. 

By attending BRAND MINDS 2020 you get a full-day intensive business strategy training with some of the world’s most renowned experts.

What can you learn at BRAND MINDS 2020?

  • how to scale your business
  • how to use the latest trends in marketing to reach your customers
  • how to foster innovation and support creativity
  • How to forecast the future for your business investments.  


2. The LIVE experience is the best experience 

The team behind BRAND MINDS is working relentlessly all year round to design everything in great detail with the sole purpose of ensuring every attendee has the best conference experience yet. 

When an idea struck a chord with you, you will remember it because of how it made you feel. BRAND MINDS team’s goal is for every attendee to have at least one Aha moment. They hope that the experience will help them change their mindset and provide them with a new vision of the future and how to achieve their dreams.    

Give your loved one the perfect gift these holidays

Surprise them with a ticket to BRAND MINDS 2020!

Whether they are running their own business, working in marketing or tech, looking to improve their storytelling skills or discover the future trends influencing our world, show your support by offering them the chance to be part of the BRAND MINDS growth experience. 


3. Meet Top Speakers on Business Strategy, Science, Technology, Branding and more!

Every edition we are selecting only the best speakers with extensive professional experience in the following industries: business, marketing, journalism, entrepreneurship and innovative technology.

a) Learn how to tell your story in a creative way

Nothing interesting or new comes from looking in the same direction everyone is looking. That’s why Malcolm Gladwell’s books are New York Times bestsellers: he is inquisitive and genuinely curious about the world and takes a surprising and original approach to known issues. In doing so, he came up with brilliant concepts like the 10.000-hour rule of success, The Law of the Few, the Stickiness Factor, and the Power of Context. At BRAND MINDS 2020, Malcolm Gladwell will deliver a speech on creative storytelling

b) Learn how to scale your business globally

A successful serial entrepreneur and media mogul, Gary Vaynerchuk comes from a family of immigrants. He’s been working to make money since he was seven years old. Gary’s ability to recognize trends in human behaviour is foundational of his business success. His mission is to influence entrepreneurs in achieving a positive and practical mindset. He will give a speech on business growth.

c) Learn about how to use branding in scaling your company

In 2014, world-renowned consumer expert and brand consultant Martin Lindstrom has conducted the largest neuromarketing study ever done. The study was worth $7 million, it was paid for by three brands and used fMRI to peer inside the brains of 2000 volunteers while being shown various ads, logos, commercials, brands, and products. Martin’s book Buy-ology is based upon the findings of this study. At BRAND MINDS 2020, Martin will speak about discovering global trends in marketing

d) Learn the latest trends in technology

Werner Vogels’ vision and leadership have led to the creation of the AWS, one of Amazon’s highly successful services. As VP & CTO at, Vogels is responsible for steering the company into the future by finding new ways in which the company can use technology to help people and bring new business. At BRAND MINDS 2020, Werner Vogels will be speaking about innovation at scale at   

...and more!

Every attendee is a world-changer: come to BRAND MINDS!

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