Nos Praesenti

A word from our clients:
’’You gotta go through the Nos Praesenti Experience’’.

A word from Nos Praesenti, with love:
’’In the end, it’s all about our presence that matters. Make your presence a signature.’’

A word from Pakan Baniasadi, Founder & CCO:
’’Let’s meet over a good coffee (still debatable) and have amazing discussions about growth’’.

A word from Silvia Nedeloaia, Creative Director:
’’ When there’s no words left, focus on images’’.

A word that just felt to be said:
’’What’s your Why Behind the What?’’

A word from the best of our services, shouting themselves out loud:
’’Branding, Creative Content Creation, BTL, Video & Animation & much more’’

For more facts, not just words, please contact us.

Nos Praesenti,
The creative agency you’ve been looking for.


Pakan Baniasadi, Founder & CCO
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +40721272729
Address: Bd. Dimitrie pompeiu 4-6, GlobalWorth Campus A, Etj. 6, Bucuresti

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