[Case-Study] Quantum Agro Tech -23 Identity

Advertised product: Quantum Agro Tech -23 is organic nanotechnology
Name: Quantum Agro Tech -23
Agency:  BBDO CA




Situation: Сlean water supplies and fertile soil resources reduce every year. Earth needs help. Eco Green company created technology that provides this help. Quantum Agro Tech -23 is organic nanotechnology that produces 2 types of substances: for soil restoration and water cleaning without any side effects. For example, the substance can transform dead soil into a fertile land only in 3 years. Normally this process takes from 50 to 100 years.
Objective: To create corporate identity, which will communicate innovative approach and importance of technology to investors.
Solution: To translate Earth’s request to a human-readable format. We’ve created Identity based on understandable language everywhere in the world. Our planet request to apply Quantum Agro Tech -23 by using Morse Code. Every branded material contains the coded message: name of the technology, personnel’s names, place of substance’s production and main contaminated areas on the planet. In this way, the whole identity is a translation of Planet’s request to help and It’s call to action. To simplify the creation of new personalized messages and materials, we created a unique font QAT-23. It transforms any text into Morse code in the style of our identity.



Regional Executive Creative Director: Anze Jereb
Creative Director: Aleksey Maksymenko
Lead Designer: Svetlana Nikolayeva
Designer: Yelizaveta Babikova





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