Flight Festival - Imagine a festival made from your feelings


Flight Festival is a newcomer on the scene of music festivals in Romania and an underdog competing against more prominent festivals with greater notoriety and bigger budgets.  But Flight Festival aims to increase its awareness and become a top choice among festival goers. According to a market study, music lovers in Romania will go to 3-5 festivals per year, so there’s room for another event on the list. However, when deciding to buy tickets, participants will base their decision mostly on recommendations from friends and online reviews. But here’s the challenge: Flight Festival doesn’t have yet enough recommendations to grow. However, the online reviews it has are excellent and they praise the atmosphere, the line-up and the organization. These reviews are worth more than any ad because they express the real feelings of participants. They just need to reach a larger audience. The solution was to turn the emotions felt at the festival, and expressed in online reviews, into a striking visual identity and the campaign for the 2023 event, using the power of artificial intelligence. For this, we selected the most evocative comments, turned them into keywords and asked the AI to “imagine a festival made from your feelings”.

Echipa agentiei
Silviu Antohe - Executive Creative Director
Florian Langa - Senior Copywriter
Dan Dragan - Senior Art Director
Andra Panaitescu - Client Service Director
Mara Grigorescu - Account Director
Maria Barbu - Senior Account Executive
Adrian Radu - AV Director

Echipa clientului
Vlad Garboni - Co-FOUNDER Flight Festival
Daniel Lupu - Marketing & PR Flight Festival


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