Click Stream

Un drum inregistrat pas cu pas al fiecarei pagini pe care utilizatorul o cere parcurgand un site. Aceasta informatie ii poate ajuta pe proprietarii site-urilor sa inteleaga cum utilizeaza vizitatorii site-ul si care sunt paginile cele mai folosite. Informatiile click stream sunt stocate in 'jurnalul' fiecarui site.

A recorded second-by-second path of the pages each user requests in going through a web site. Click stream information can help web site owners understand how visitors are using their site and which pages are getting the most use. It can help advertisers understand how users get to their pages, what pages they look at and how they go about interacting with the advertiser's web site. Click stream data is stored in each site's log file (see Log File, WWW, Web Page, Web Site).

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