[Case-Study] Nature’s Table - Plate & Bowl

Advertised product: Nature's Table
Name: Plate & Bowl
Agency: RODNYA Creative PR Studio



Nature's Table is a new brand of natural food for cats and dogs. Nature’s Table price is higher than the average mass-market petfood prices. However, the quality, due to the natural ingredients, is better. On the one hand, this is its advantage for the owners who have higher demands on the nutrition of their animals. On the other hand, the problem is that not all mass-market petfood satisfies these high demands in terms of quality and health benefits. And since Nature’s Table is also sold on the shelves of non-specialized stores, the audience may perceive it as a barrier - under the stereotype “you can’t buy good petfood at supermarket”. This stereotype, together with a relatively low level of brand awareness, stops consumers from trial purchase. The loving owners choose healthy petfood. It can be enriched with vitamins and approved by all veterinarians of the world, but still ... All pets love to beg for a piece from your plate, because it tastes better than petfood. And we can’t resist their pressure, even though the treat is harmful to the dog health. However, the quality of ingredients for Nature’s Table is so high that it meets the standards of food safety for people, and this quality ensures excellent taste that does not need to be masked. But in reality, people don’t want to share a bowl of food with their dog or cat. And we decided to go the other way - to offer the owners a way to treat their pets and share the dinner with them without harm to health. So we opened “Plate and Bowl” Cafe by Nature’s Table: not just a pet-friendly cafe, but a human-friendly cafe for dogs on the territory of farm market. The chef of the cafe offered a carefully crafted menu designed to instill a culture of healthy nutrition. For owners – grilled meat and vegetables, fresh salads. For dogs and cats: Nature’s Table, a healthy diet meeting their special needs. But the main point - both the "human" and "dogs" menus were prepared from absolutely identical ingredients. All recipes were personally selected and approved by our expert - French Bulldog Oscar, an instagram blogger. We designed special, exclusive furniture, taking into account the needs of people and animals - so that the dog and the owner could literally have dinner side by side. The cafe organized free classes with zoopsychologists and veterinarians, and the first to test it were the favorites of Russian celebrities, along with the owners. In addition, we had a press day for media representatives (or rather, for their dogs!). And of course, all guests were given a free Nature’s Table trial set.



RODNYA Creative PR Studio
Creative Director: Serafima Gurova
Account Director: Valeria Startseva
Account Manager: Anna Morozova
Supervisor: Anastasia Sharykina

Nature’s Table/ Mars Petcare
Anna Kulagina
Elena Tokareva
Natalia Mikhailova
Alla Sorokina





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