[Weekend Watch List] E economia, omule. Dar vezi tu, nu e chiar a noastră

[Weekend Watch List] E economia, omule. Dar vezi tu, nu e chiar a noastră

Și pentru că în practică ne chinuie și în teorie ne plictisește groaznic, economia are nevoie și de spectacol. Îl găsește printre obiceiurile ciudate ale speciei, cum ar fi urmărirea globală a felului în care 11 exemplare atent selectate aleargă după o minge. Da, a început nebunia. Și în spatele unui trofeu, a cărui istorie o puteți afla mai jos, se insinuează și fire complex economice. De fapt, ele se insinuează peste tot. Mai ales că de câțiva ani, de când ”economia este a tuturor”, așa cum frumos o descrie numele ei în engleză: sharing economy. Despre această revoluție, începută cu gânduri bune, am strâns mai jos mai multe teorii. 

La prima vedere, sharing economy arată așa:


 Dar apoi, lucrurile sunt puțin altfel. Un scurt ghid de navigare prin ceea ce înseamnă sharing economy, de la apariția, evoluția și principiile ei, până la riscuri, pericole, perturbarea civilizației:


The story behind the UEFA Nations League trophy

Hear from those behind the making of the innovative UEFA Nations League trophy following its launch at the League Phase draw in Lausanne.


New UEFA Champions League format explained

 The format for the UEFA Champions League between 2018 and 2021 has been confirmed and there are a few important changes. Find out what they are by watching this video.


An Animated Overview of the Sharing Economy

Fred is a Baby Boomer mayor who's pretty sure he's got things figured out. Wife and 2.5 kids, big house in the suburbs, steady full-time job. Fred is living through a number of large-scale changes as our world becomes more digital, global, and sustainable. When the sharing economy comes along, he doesn't quite know what to make of it.


The Rise of the Sharing Economy

The “Sharing Economy” is a complex phenomenon that has disrupted industries and transformed how we live and work, but experts can’t even agree on what to call it. Lawyers, public policy experts, academics and workers weigh in to define this dynamic phenomenon and to discuss legal and regulatory issues that emerge as these platforms play an increasingly role in our society.


The Great Trust Shift

Rachel Botsman is the global authority on the power of collaboration and trust enabled by digital technologies to change the way we live, work, bank and consume. In this video, Rachel explains how much of the change happening in today's world can be understood through the lens of trust as we move from an age built on institutional trust to one built on distributed trust.


Rachel Botsman State of the Sharing Economy

Rachel Botsman, the world's leading authority on shared economics discusses the evolution of her theory and the various ways in which innovative companies have built successful business models that address underutilized assets and built trust.


Professor Paul Oyer, "The Gig Economy: Threats and Opportunities for Workers and Employers”

Technology has disrupted the labor market in important ways, both enabling greater productivity from remote workers and displacing workers altogether. These technical changes, as well as demographic changes in society, have driven the growth of the Gig Economy. Paul Oyer, the Fred H. Merrill Professor of Economics at the GSB, will present will focus on the economic advantages for workers and firms created by flexible work arrangements, as well as the public policy and regulatory reactions ahead, as well as how strategically-minded employers should react to the changing labor market. This Stanford GSB Fall Reunion/Alumni Weekend faculty presentation was recorded on October 27, 2017.


The Secret of the Sharing Economy | Benita Matofska | TEDxFrankfurt

The indomitable Benita’s passion for the Sharing Economy and how it can change the world led her to set up global movement and social enterprise The People Who Share and Global Sharing Week, which now reaches 100 million people worldwide. Her blog ‘What is the Sharing Economy?’ defined what is now known to be one of the greatest trends of all time. Driven by the belief that sharing is a solution to our complex global problems, Benita has been named Ogunte Best Social Business Leader, World, Venus Inspirational Woman of the Year and winner of the Cabinet Office / Nesta Innovation in Giving Award.


How the ‘sharing economy’ disrupts civilization | Ed Ericson Jr. | TEDxBaltimore

How the ‘sharing economy’ disrupts civilization - Ed challenges the foundation of the so-called sharing economy.


Creating Opportunity Through the Sharing Economy | Emily Castor | TEDxSacramentoSalon

Emily makes the case that ride and car sharing are not only a promising transportation alternatives--especially as the urban population continues to grow worldwide, but such examples of collaborative consumption are transformative agents for our economy and culture that increase personal freedom and move us closer toward the sharing economy.


Putting the sharing economy to work | Aaron Krolikowski & Darren Cotton | TEDxBuffalo

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. The average power drill is used for less than 12 minutes over its lifetime. What if you could get access to common tools, so that fixing up your house, even if you're renting, was far less intimidating and costly? That's what the University Heights Tool Library does. And that was the starting point for many neighborhood-boosting projects that Darren Cotton and Aaron Krolikowski are pushing forward.


Trade wars, explained

Complex geopolitical maneuvering explained with Game of Thrones and . . . googly eyes.

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