[Weekend Watch List] In numele unei idei

[Weekend Watch List] In numele unei idei

Acum, ca inca nu este 1 decembrie, consideram un moment bun sa revizitam cuvinte mari. Natiune, patriotism, dragoste de tara. Si miturile cu care ne place sa le invelim, mai ales la momente simbolice. Ideea a milioane de straini uniti de granite e ceva nou in istoria omenirii. Si cu toate acestea, e ceva foarte puternic. In numele ei uram, luptam, iubim, ne ajutam. Devenim mai buni sau mai rai. Ne legam strans identitatea de aceasta idee si in functie de ea, ne aratam lumii. 

Dar ce inseamna o natiune? Ce e conventie, cat altceva? Cat o schimba vremurile? Ce ramane?


Definiţia democraţiei dată de Ion Raţiu (mai, 1990)

Pe 17 mai 1990, la TVR1, în campania electorală pentru Presedinţia României, Ion Raţiu definea democraţia: „Democraţia însemnează o înţelegere că omul este în centrul societăţii şi toate instituţiile se învârt în jurul lui”


How Nations Make Up National Identities | NYT - The Interpreter

Nationality feels powerful, especially today. But the idea of identifying with millions of strangers just based on borders is relatively new. We explain why it was invented — and how it changed the world.


James Robinson: "Why Nations Fail" | Talks at Google

Professor James Robinson is a leading developmental economist, political scientist, and New York Times bestselling author. His book is Why Nations Fail. It proposes an institutional explanation for why some societies are dynamic and prosperous and others are not. He has fascinating examples from the present day going back to the Roman Empire.


Francis Fukuyama: National Identity vs. Identity

Politics Stanford's Francis Fukuyama says that for America to find a new national identity, it must focus on class issues instead of identity as a dividing point


Why nations fail | James Robinson | TEDxAcademy

Why do some states enjoy wealth, security, health and nutrition while others face poverty, unemployment, lack of health care and safety?


Nationalism in the 21st Century - Yuval Noah Harari 

In the twenty-first century, humankind faces a set of unprecedented challenges, such as nuclear war, climate change and technological disruption. Are nations still capable of handling such challenges effectively?


Why Countries Exist: The Rise of the Nation State in 6 Minutes

Most of us would say we're from some country. But have you ever stopped to think about what a country actually is? If they are actually real or just imaginary ideas that we have come to agree upon and accept? And how they have come to play such a determining role in our lives?


Theories of Nationalism and National Identity: An Introduction

In this video, I introduce some foundational theories of nationalism and national identity. I look at primordialists like Edward Shills and Clifford Geertz and modernists including Ernest Gellner (Nations and Nationalism) and Benedict Anderson (Imagined Communities). Finally, I take a quick look at the Marxist Hobsbawm's The Invention of Tradition.


The Future of National Identity 

Aryan explores the biggest problems of the 21st century, such as climate change, in a different light. He discusses the development of national identities across the world into the 21st century, and how they will impact our ability to solve the key threats to our world. Aryan Shresth is an Indian-born Australian with a British accent; an accent that has he has developed despite a lack of contact with any British person.


Myths of unity and national identity in modern nations


What If The World Was One Country?

What if the whole world was just one country? How much money would everybody have if we divided it? What would be the most common vegetable?

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