[Weekend Watch List] Obsesia poveștii

[Weekend Watch List] Obsesia poveștii

Mâna întinsă trebuie să spună o poveste. Șamponul trebuie să spună o poveste. Patronul care vrea un profit mare trebuie să spună o poveste angajaților. Angajații trebuie să spună și ei povești mai departe. Și tot așa. Poveștile au devenit monezi de schimb, o obsesie și o obligație, indiferent ce ai face. Nu zicem că e bine sau rău, nu am îndrăzni să ne introducem într-o astfel de dilemă, comentăm doar de pe margine că în această supradimensionare a poveștii, în această continuă forțare a ei, se pierde ceva. 
Pe de o parte, onestitatea, pe de altă parte, farmecul gratuității. 

Dar chiar și așa, o lume în care oamenii sunt obsedați de povești, nu e chiar așa rea.

Cum a ajuns povestea să obsedeze în aceeași măsură antreprenorii, it-iștii, ong-iștii, influencerii, de ce este ea în mijlocul lucrurilor acum, în lista noastră de weekend de mai jos:


The magical science of storytelling | David JP Phillips | TEDxStockholm

Why is Storytelling so powerful? And how do we use it to our advantage? Presentations expert David JP Phillips shares key neurological findings on storytelling and with the help of his own stories, induces in us the release of four neurotransmitters of his choice. Learn more in this 2nd TEDxStockholm talk of David's.



What’s the story in story? The art and science of storytelling in business by Kat Koppett

Kat Koppett is the eponymous founder of Koppett + Company, (www.koppett.com) a training and consulting company specializing in the use of theatre and storytelling techniques for individual and organizational performance. Her book on how to use improvisational theatre techniques for organizational development, Training to Imagine: Practical Improvisational Theatre Techniques to Enhance Creativity, Teamwork, Leadership and Learning, is considered a seminal work in the field of Applied Improv, and is used in organizations around the world.


3 pearls of entrepreneurial storytelling: Michael Margolis at TEDxMillRiver

 Michael is an educator, evangelist, and entrepreneur for the global storytelling movement. For the last decade, Michael has taught thousands of marketers and innovators how to translate their message into wider acceptance. As the founder of Get Storied, Michael Margolis teaches the world how to think in narrative. With a unique focus on transformational storytelling, Michael has worked with the likes of AARP, Audubon, Etsy, NASA, The Limited Group, and Zappos. Michael also curates the Reinvention Summit (Storytelling's Biggest Online Conference) and is the Dean of Story University (where he produces a range of online courses). The son of a mad scientist and artist, Michael is obsessed with culture, communications, and human behavior. Michael began his career as a social entrepreneur, co-founding two nonprofits before the age 23. His work and ideas have also been featured in Fast Company, Brandweek, Storytelling Magazine, among other places. A frequent writer, Michael's latest book Believe Me: a Storytelling Manifesto for Change-Makers and Innovators, has been read by over 15,000 people. Michael is left handed, color-blind, and eats more chocolate than the average human.


The Science of Storytelling | Will Storr | TEDxManchester

 Insights from the sciences of brain and mind that make us better storytellers and can help us understand our selves and our lives in new ways.


What's the Difference between Storytelling and Corporate Storytelling?



Who Needs to be a Corporate Storyteller?


The Undeniable Power of Business Storytelling | Khushboo Nangalia | TEDxAPUKL

 Storytelling is a superpower that we all possess (sorry, Superman), but it sometimes doesn’t get the respect it deserves.


Storytelling for Startups: The Five Stories New Tech Companies Can Tell - Rob Salkowitz

 If you're involved in a tech startup, you probably struggle to describe your company's crazy complicated technology in a way that laypeople can understand. But effectively communicating what your company does is just as crucial to your success as the quality of the product itself. In this I.D.E.A.S. talk, Comm Lead instructor, storytelling strategist and frequent Forbes contributing writer Rob Salkowitz breaks down the five stories that startups can tell to get people to care about their work.



What is business storytelling?


Story Telling In Business - Pixar Story Teller Mathew Luhn at CIMC

"Sharing personal and professional moments of where you've had success or people who have used your product or use your company have had a positive experience. When you share that, you impact people, you make it memorable and you make it personal."



Three Principles of Business Storytelling

 Ameen Haque was at Google talking about the Three Principles of Business Storytelling.



The Power of Storytelling in Businesses


Jeff Gardner on how to tell your company story - Intercom World Tour 2017

On the Intercom Lessons Learned World Tour 2017, Jeff Gardner, former Director of Customer Support at Intercom, explain why compelling storytelling is crucial to starting and growing your company. The best stories will continue to inform your choices as your company grows and evolves.



How does Corporate Storytelling help companies?



Five Mistakes Companies Make In Storytelling HD



Brand Storytelling.tv | Kate Santore | The Sweet Pleasures of Coca-Cola's Storytelling

 Joined by Kate Santore, Sr. Integrated Marketing Content Manager at the Coca-Cola Company, Brand Storytelling takes a look at the new Coke & Meal Strategy, Coca-Cola’s use of influencer marketing, and the evolution of the beverage giant’s storytelling over the last 125 years.



What's your brand story? | Jeff Freedman | TEDxBeaconStreet

 Relationships are the lifeblood of brands. Yet, brands often conduct themselves in ways that detract people as opposed to attract them. After more than 25 years of helping brands build relationships with people - and studying brands that have been most successful in doing so - ad agency CEO, Jeff Freedman, reveals how brands can craft and share a story that audiences want to be a part of. Jeff Freedman is the founder and CEO of Small Army, one of Boston’s top 20 ad agencies (Boston Business Journal) and recently named one of Boston’s top 10 small businesses by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. Jeff is also the founder and CEO of Small Army for a Cause, the non-profit organization behind the national Be Bold, Be Bald! cancer fundraiser, which he founded after losing his business partner to cancer in 2009. Jeff is a regular speaker, panelist and blogger about brand storytelling, business leadership and corporate social responsibility.



Brand China: Individual companies drives China’s national storytelling





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