[Weekend Watch List] Viața ca un joc, ca o cutie cu bomboane, ca o metaforă

[Weekend Watch List] Viața ca un joc, ca o cutie cu bomboane, ca o metaforă

E mai ușor când asemeni viața cu ceva, pentru că atunci îi dai mai ușor o direcție, îi înțelegi regulile, pare că are sens. Haosul începe să capete un rost organizabil. Unii spun că seamănă cu un joc, alții merg mai departe și spun că e un joc de șah, ba nu, de tetris, sau o construcție de lego din care îți rămân mereu piese pe dinafară, în fine, o cutie cu bomboane de ciocolată. Pe urmele unor astfel de comparații am plecat azi cu WWL și am găsit tot felul de metafore, după cum urmează. 


Casually Explained: Evolution III - Life as a Video Game



Is Life A Video Game? - Elon Musk

 Elon Musk argues that we are living in a simulation RIGHT NOW. A pretty mind blowing idea. He even goes on to say that the chance of us living in base reality is 1 in Billions.


The Parallels of Life and Chess | Eugene Brown | TEDxHickory

 Eugene's story of how he was transformed from a "Pawn" into a "King" and how you can do the same by understanding the real chess game of life. Position isn't won by the fittest it's won by the wisest! Anywhere you find yourself on or off of the chess board, our thinking got us there. The mantra and philosophy of the Big Chair Chess Club is "Always Think B 4 U Move!" This is a powerful concept and it applicable to life and chess. 


Chess – A metaphor for ‘Life' | Pravin Thipsay | TEDxIIMShillong

A captivating talk in which Pravin Thipsay draws parallels in Chess and in the game of life. He talks about principles of warfare and corporate strategy where conflict is ubiquitous. He draws various examples from Chess – of legends and of legendary matches, from various other sports and from world history to bring the point that in order to unlock one's potential it is essential to bring in confluence the various conflicts life throws at us



Chess and the Game of Life | Kate Murphy | TEDxUWCRCN

Smart is the new sexy. In this talk, Kate Murphy argues that the key to the future is in intelligence and in making the world a better place; and what better way to do that than through chess?


The Life and Chess of Garry Kasparov (Part 1)

This lecture was given January 28, 2015 (Warren's birthday!) at Center64 (www.center64.com). In it, Lucas Anderson presents the story of Garry Kasparov from birth to the year 1993. Learn how a young prodigy from Baku named Garik Weinstein became World Champion Garry Kasprov. Garry's story also has intersections with political events, notably the era of glasnost and perestroika, the unravelling of the Soviet Union, and the tragedy in Kasparov's native Azerbaijan. FIDE Master Warren Harper celebrates his birthday with you by providing analysis for 4 of Kasparov's most notable games of this period, providing key insights into Kasparov's style and personality.


Person of Interest S04E11 Chess is just a game, people aren't

 Mr. Finch plays chess with his machine and is teaching her (it) a lesson.


Life lessons in the game of chess

Meet Reginald Lindsay of Clifton, who says that chess helped turn his life around. Lindsay, who learned to play in prison, now is a pastoral student who can be found playing at the main branch of the library downtown.


Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument


Are You In A Simulation?



The GAME of Reality 101 and How to WIN at LIFE


Forrest Gump - "Life is like a box of chocolate"

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