Poliția lor și pulanele noastre

Poliția lor și pulanele noastre

Daca nu stiti deja ca pe 10 august zeci de mii de oameni care protestau in Piata Victoriei si-au luat gaze, tunuri de apa si pulane in fata si in spate inseamna ca oricum nu cititi IQads :P Si nu, nici nu incepem sa acoperim acum stirile despre Jandarmeria Romana. Vrem doar sa facem loc pentru reclama aceasta la Met Police, gasita la Serban Alexandrescu pe wall:


Dam fontul mai mare:

"...a demonstration is turning into a riot. You're nervous and not sure what to expect. It's frightening. The crowd, in ugly mood, surges against the frail police line...They're all staring at you, trying to psyche you out...
It gets worse. Bottles arc down and burst in showers of flame. Stones and half bricks drop out of the air and threaten to brain you... You see a man deliberately stub out his cigarette on the flank of a police horse. 
How would you have reacted?...

If, in any of the situations we have described above, you were to lose your temper, you might also lose your job.
It doesn't seem fair, does it?

But then being a police officer is no ordinary job. As someone sworn to uphold the law, you of all people cannot break it.

And the law says you may use no more than reasonable force. You can't go on the attack. No matter what the provocation...

...But why are we dwelling on this traumatic subjects? Isn't this supposed to be a recruitment advertisement? 
Are we trying to put you off?

Actually, yes.
If you're put off by an advertisement, you'd never be able to cope with the reality..."

Si acum, inapoi in Romania:

Foto: Documentaria.ro

Si daca imaginile cu ce s-a intamplat pe 10 august nu sunt suficiente, Jandarmeria Maramures ne explica mai bine ce ar trebui sa vedem in ele:

Sau mai pe emotie, asa:


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