[Premiile FIBRA #1] Shortlist FIBRA - Next Advertising - Drunk GPS / Romanian Traffic Police / Romanian Traffic Police

Context, problem: Drunk driving is still one of the three main causes of fatal accidents in Europe, according to European Transport Safety Council (October 2013).

Opportunity: 4 million people listen to radio in the car each day in Romania, according to the Radio Audience Study. And many drivers use GPS guiding systems.


Campaign Summary

Creative idea: When you drink, your coordination is affected. So we could say it's the same as driving with a drunk GPS system.


Target Audience

Drivers, who usually listen to the radio in the car.




Project title: Drunk GPS 
Brand: Romanian Traffic Police
Client: Romanian Traffic Police



Agentie: Next Advertising

Paula Ionescu / Copywriter
Liviu David / Creative Director

Casa de productie: KMP Studio

Vlad Gheorghiu / General Manager

Agentie de media: Next Advertising

Dana Popescu / Media Manager
Oana Radu / Media Manager


Shortlist Premiile FIBRA #1:

Shortlist FIBRA - Drunk GPS / 2 RADIO

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