[Premiile FIBRA #1] Shortlist - Next Advertising - Excuses / Romanian Traffic Police / Romanian Traffic Police

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Shortlist - Next Advertising - Excuses / Romanian Traffic Police / Romanian Traffic Police

Pedestrians jaywalking are the main reason for accidents in urban areas in Romania.


Campaign Summary

People always look for personal reasons when jaywalking. It's as if they create their own pedestrian crossings, made from their excuses. But that won't save their lives.

Our message: your excuses don't give you right of way, so use the marked crossings.

Target Audience: Pedestrians of all ages.



The commercial got more than 700,000 views online in less than 10 days - quite unusual for a message coming from the Police. Now the video has 890,000 views and 8,700 shares! The comments are overwhelmingly positive.







Project Title: Excuses 
Brand: Romanian Traffic Police
Brand: Romanian Traffic Police 


Agentie: Next Advertising 

Liviu David / Creative Director 
Semida Duriga / Copywriter / Strategist
Dana Popescu / Media Manager

Casa de productie: Reload Film

Traian Ardac / Unit Production Manager
Sebastian Tudor / Producer
Oana Rapeanu / Post Production Manager
Dan Safta / Editor
Marius Ivascu / DOP

Agentie contributoare: Colorbitor

Costin Cretulescu / Managing Partner


Shortlist la Premiile FIBRA #1:

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Shortlist / Excuses / 9. NON-PROFIT

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