Cu ajutorul W+K Amsterdam, Nike si FC Barcelona te fac sa inveti putina catalana

Cu ajutorul W+K Amsterdam, Nike si FC Barcelona te fac sa inveti putina catalana

Nike si FC Barcelona au facut istorie cu spoturile lor, iar creativii de la W+K Amsterdam vor sa continue traditia asta. Ultimul ad ii are in prim-plan pe Iniesta si Pique, catalanii cei vechi ai trupei lui Ernesto Valverde, insa cele aproape doua minute nu sunt neaparat despre fotbal, cat despre oras. O spune si Evgeny Primachenko, care a contribuit la proiect si care, in urma cu doi ani, a facut parte din juriul FIBRA #1.


There are many clubs, but only one is more.
Here's our new project for Nike and FC Barcelona!

It's about the club and its intertwined relationship with the city. It's about the Barca way of playing, about the relentless wish to always have the ball.

Directed by the Oscar winner Wally Pfister, the film is entirely inspired by the city of Barcelona. 
The grid visual style was inspired by the layout of the city, a system that was designed and built in the mid-19th century by urban planner Ildefons Cerda.

This piece was a fun one to edit, I can tell you that.
So, check it out. The film is of course in Catalan, so if you don't speak it, click on the subs button!

A million gracias to everyone in Nike, W+K, Glassworks and FCB who made this happen! Craig Terence Williams Ignasi Tudela Jake Barnes Molly RuggAmber Martin Stephane Missier Alyssa Ramsey Jaime Tan Khalid El Khouani Loes Poot Philip Jacobson David Pivk Kathryn Addo and everyone that I can't tag!

Spotul este regizat, asadar, de Wally Pfister, care a luat Oscarul pentru Inception, si deja are peste 100 de dislikes, semn ca fanii lui Cristiano Ronaldo n-au nevoie sa priceapa catalana ca sa-si faca o parere.

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