Numite de asemenea si contacts, impacts si messages, o afisare(impression) reprezinta o singura expunere unei reclame in fata unui singur individ. O afisare(impression) reprezinta intr-o cercetare numarul de afisari pe care sustine o persoana ca le-a vazut/auzit. Doua afisari se pot calcula in functie de o singura persoana care a vazut/auzit o reclama de doua ori sau in functie de doua persoane care au vazut/auzit o reclama in acelsai timp. Afisarile pot fi adunate si se face un total al unei campanii publicitare. De exemplu, daca o campanie a atins 20 de milioane de afisari in randul adultilor, inseamna ca a fost vazut de 20 milioane de ori de catre adulti. Pot fi 20 de spoturi, fiecare vizionate de 20 de milioane de adulti sau 200 de spoturi vazute de 100000 de adulti. In ambele cazuri - si alte permutari sunt posibile - rezultatul este de 20 de milioane de afisari/impressions/contacts/impacts. Totalul afisarilor reprezinta astfel ce segment din publicul tinta a vazut/auzit o reclama intr-o perioada de timp si de cate ori. Afisarile sunt masurari brute/gross, reflectand faptul ca includ dubluri(vezi: Average Frequency, Duplication, Gross ..., OTS/OTH, Target Audience, Target Audience Population).

Also called contacts, impacts and messages, an impression is a single exposure of an advertisement to a single individual. One impression represents one person's claimed (in audience research) seeing/hearing of an advertisement. Two impressions can be a count of the same person seeing/hearing an ad twice or two people each seeing/hearing the ad once. Impressions can be added together to give total impressions for an advertising campaign. For example, if a campaign achieved 20 million adult impressions, this means it was seen 20 million times overall by adults. There may have been 20 spots, each seen by an average of 1 million adults, or 200 spots, each seen by an average of 100,000 adults. In both cases - and many other permutations are possible - the result is 20 million impressions. Total impressions for a campaign thus represent the cumulative number of a given target audience viewing/seeing/hearing any or all advertisements in the specified campaign period. Impressions are always 'gross' measures, reflecting the fact that they include duplication (see Average Frequency, Duplication, Gross ..., OTS/OTH, Target Audience, Target Audience Population).

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