[Premiile FIBRA #1] Shortlist FIBRA - Saatchi & Saatchi + The Geeks - It's Better Online / Vodafone e-Shop / Vodafone

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Shortlist FIBRA - Saatchi & Saatchi + The Geeks - It's Better Online / Vodafone e-Shop / Vodafone

Campaign Summary


The Vodafone e-shop needed to communicate its exclusively online offers in Social Media. However, when it comes to exclusive offers, consumers usually associate them with the offline Vodafone stores and check them only offline.

Another challenge what how to make a very commercial message -- exclusive deals -- become catchy in Social Media? Which, as the name says, is a very social/conversational environment, where people have total control on what they consume in terms of content, so we needed to find a way to talk about exclusive deals / offers in a less commercial and more "Social Media like" manner. While, at the same time, make people aware that in Vodafone's e-shop they can also find exclusive offers that can't be found anywhere else.



In order to make the message both easy to understand and fun, we created an analogy between the Vodafone e-shop exclusive deals (in other words, deals that happen only online) and other engaging things that happen exclusively online and that the target is very familiar with: adding friends, following people that you are interested in, posting pictures of the recipes you are most proud of, and so on.



We created a series of 3 funny viral videos which communicate that some things are better done online, by showing how weird and amusing it would be if all these Social Media activities would start happening offline: for example, a woman telling people on the street that "she is in a relationship" instead of posting this status on Facebook. The message was that all the stuff you are used in Social Media it's best happening there, and so are the Vodafone e-shop exclusive deals something that is strictly online and you should check them out.

The fact that we started from something that people are genuinely receptive to in Social Media -- making fun of typical online situations that they could easily relate to -- and not from the commercial part of the offers accomplished two things: it made the message clear (some things are destined to be online, and so are the Vodafone e-shop exclusive offers) and it made people interested in the message and enjoy the videos.



In spite of a very limited budget of around 3000EUR for each channel, the 3 videos gathered 325.066 views on Youtube and 959,547 impressions (6th of August -- 6th of Oct. 2014; source: Youtube Analytics) and 137.110 video views and 5.441.229 impressions on Facebook. Even more, the campaign was highly successful in terms of leads also, as the e-shop website traffic doubled during the campaign.




Interesat de femei


Project title: It's Better Online
Brand: Vodafone e-Shop
Client: Vodafone 



Agentie: Saatchi & Saatchi + The Geeks

Costin Radu / Managing Director & Head of Planning
Vlad Petre / Brand Communication Director
Mirabela Manea / Brand Communication Manager
Miruna Antonescu / Senior Creative Planner
Daniel Harmanescu / Copywriter
Maria Teodorof / Copywriter


Shortlist Premiile FIBRA #1:

Shortlist FIBRA - It's Better Online / 1.2 VIDEO - Online

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