[Case-Study] Orbit Time to Speak PRES 19 04 11 v2

Advertised product: Orbit
Name: Time to Speak
Agency: BBDO Russia Group




Last summer, when Russia was hosting World Football Championship, Orbit launched “Time to speak” campaign – a movement aiming to inspire Russians to speak English the way they can and freely express their hospitality. CONTEXT The chewing gum category has been stagnating for several years mainly due to the fact that it stopped being trendy like 20 years ago. The best opportunity to attract attention to the brand, increase and stimulate sales was the 2018 World Cup. CHALLENGE The main challenge was to find a way to interpret Orbit’s “Time to Shine” global platform: Orbit gives you confidence in any situation. The thing was that the category wasn’t related to football at all, and Orbit wasn’t an official partner of championship or national teams. BACKGROUND & IDEA Many people around the world doubted if Russia could organize the World Cup at a proper level, it had an extremely low friendliness rating. The reason was simple: 86% of Russians don’t speak any foreign language. Most of those who speak prefer to stay silent, being afraid of making mistakes and generally feeling insecure. Communication is a domain where confidence is important, and Orbit has some expertise here. World Championship appeared to be a great place for Orbit! So we convinced the brand to make a bold move and to ask people not to be shy and speak English “from their hearts” that summer. ASSETS For TV, there were two short stories styled as Russian golden age comedy movies. In digital activation, users could sing the karaoke song in English (the subtitles were transliterated in Cyrillic) just to practice in a fun way. We’ve also created a unique Russian-English digital phrasebook, so that anyone could have a conversation starter to break the ice. RESULTS Business • Orbit sales. Value: +16,5%, Volume: +16,8% • Orbit Bag sales. Value: +70,5%, Volume: +79,8% • Orbit penetration: +1,8 pp • Category sales. Value: +5,7%, Volume: +17,3% Communication • Mix of “Time to Speak” TV copies influenced sales significantly (MARS CMI AVI Score) • Total campaign coverage: 44M • Karaoke video: 5,5M views to the end, 13,4M up to 30%



Mars Inc. Marketing director Gum&Fruity Confections — Anastasia Gorodnicheva
Brand activation manager — Anastasia Petrogradskaya
Brand activation manager – Marina Golubkova
Junior brand manager – Tatyana Zhukovskaya
LDP specialist - Julia Kharlamova
BBDO Moscow Managing director — Natalya Tsyganova
Executive creative director — Alexey Fedorov
Copywriters: Grigory Rakovsky, Polina Pukhlikova, Irina Kholopova
Art directors: Maria Mirzametova, Oleg Koposov, Andrey Krusanov
Digital designer: Yuliya Belyakova
Strategic planning director — Natalia Chuich
Senior strategic planner — Olga Reinson
Digital excellence director — Alexandra Sagalovich
Senior producer (TV) — Irina Kanevskaya
Junior producer (TV) – Dmitry Balandin
Producer (OLV) — Ekaterina Norsoyan
Music producer — Dmitry Rubezhov
Art-buyers — Marina Shponko, Anna Sevostyanova
Client service director — Elena Vorobyova
Senior account manager — Daria Latchenkova
Junior account manager — Victoria Kuzminova




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