[FIBRA Jury] Robert Nagy (HEAVY): Good work is basically about challenging conventions and pushing a client to do something brave

[FIBRA Jury] Robert Nagy (HEAVY): Good work is basically about challenging conventions and pushing a client to do something brave

While great work means doing the absolute same; only without needing great production budgets or the likes of Alec Baldwin, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Drake, Ryan Reynolds, the Kardashian Clan (currently referencing the Super Bowl if you didn't catch that).

So, "great work" essentially sends you back to being a little kid: you're being brave, you're not following rules, you've got limited resources and yet you still find a way.

Robert Nagy (Independent Creative Director, HEAVY) also used to create things when he was little: comic books, music, video games. 

The way he went about it explains a lot about his current situation - multi awarded designer & art director with international recognition for making design come alive and speak - he'd spend hours & hours on the story/concept rather than sticking to a scrape of an idea and moving on.

Without a doubt, he'll take his time and have fun judging all of your FIBRA submissions. But don't let that intimidate you. His advice to each and every one of you - don't overthink, just send it in:

"Don’t be afraid that your work isn’t good enough. If you think it’s good, send it in."

A Romanian version of this interview can be found right over herewhile a partial track record of his work at Cannes Lions, the Clios or D&AD is indexed here (also in Romanian; what can you do, we're Romanian).


Robert Nagy in advertising: circumstance or ambition

I’m a multidisciplinary designer from Copenhagen. I’m a trained graphic designer, but I've worked in both design and advertising agencies. Me ending up in the creative industry is just something that happened naturally.

When I was a kid I was very fascinated with inventing my own universes and concepts in everything I did.

Whether I was drawing a comic book, writing a piece of music or designing a computer game, I would always spend ten times the amount of time on creating some sort of crazy story or overall concept than actually doing the work. Somehow, it makes sense that I now work in the creative industry for a living.



Work process. Stimuli. Regrets

My best work comes from being curious and keeping an open mind. I love to learn new skills and meet clients from different industries.

It’s all about finding that core insight through hours and hours of research in trying to understanding the world the client lives in. It’s about figuring out the real problem is I’m trying to solve.

On to regrets, I think most projects would look completely different if you could redo them with the knowledge you have gained from the process. To me that’s the beauty of what we do as creatives and what really drives me: that I keep learning and become better by each project.

If I didn’t want to do anything different after finishing a project I should probably reconsider what i was doing on a larger scale.


Ads that made an impression on you

Apple’s campaigns have always made a huge impression on me. From "Think Different" to the iPod launch campaigns. This was the first time I realised communication could be much more than just an attempt at seduction. It could actually be part of an overall brand experience. It really opened my eyes.


Your freelancing under HEAVY. Is HEAVY an ad agency?

In order to be relevant in today's world, an agency must have a great understanding of many different fields. Most agencies think they get this, but they really don’t. They make the mistake of thinking that "understanding" equals hiring the best digital people, copywriters, designers i.e., put them all under one roof and pay them a lot of money.

At HEAVY we do the opposite. HEAVY started as a freelance network but quickly evolved into a strong core group consisting of a few people with a vast experience and understanding of design and communication.

We collaborate with many skilled people from different fields, from carpenters and anthropologist to interactive designers and entrepreneurs. 

This gives us the strength to create bold solutions for clients that make great brand experiences. It’s not about being analog or digital, it’s about being relevant.





Romania's advertising

I’m really looking forward to see great Romanian advertising. I don’t know much about the Romanian advertising scene, but to me a great idea is universal. 


What have your previous experiences as juror taught you so far?

It’s all about having an open mind. Understanding and accept different cultures. When I judged the Baltic Best in Estonia I entered the room with an open mind and was amazed of the level of creativity in the work I saw, even though the work and aesthetics is very different from the work I’m used to seeing in Denmark.

Great, great projects always tend to stand out. That’s the wonderful thing about creativity: good work always shines.




Advice for the ad people who will submit work at FIBRA

Don’t be afraid that your work isn’t good enough. If you think it’s good, send it in. Good work is basically about challenging conventions and pushing a client to do something brave. The best work is when that is done without the need of big production budgets and Hollywood superstars.

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