[Premiile FIBRA #1] Bronze FIBRA - Goa Network - Asphalt Freaks - Reflective Stikers / Asphalt Freaks / Asphalt Freaks

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Bronze FIBRA - Goa Network - Asphalt Freaks - Reflective Stikers / Asphalt Freaks / Asphalt Freaks

In Romania, poorly lit roads and a general attitude of disregard towards bike riders, among others, leads each year to some of the worst rates of fatalities and injuries from accidents in the EU. Meanwhile, standard reflective equipment is boring or too expensive.


Campaign Summary

We wanted to encourage riders to stay safe by transforming reflective equipment into a medium for self-expression. Asphalt Freaks WEAR IT ON Stickers were created to give everyone a simple & accessible alternative to standard reflective gear.

The stickers come in sets of 5 basic shapes that can be combined in countless ways and offer endless design possibilities, from minimalist to complex to over the top and from cute to freaky. They are easy to apply with any household iron
and once they go on, they don't come off.

To provide inspiration and drive adoption, we offered free packs to designers and invited them to share their creations. We also created our own designs for friends like Tribul, Bucharest's only bike courier service. All this generated design collections that are up for inspiration on our Facebook page and at asphaltfreaks.com.


Target Audience

Asphalt Freaks mainly addresses skaters, rollers and bike lovers in general, with an emphasis on millennials and young families.



Since launch, our sales, page likes and interactions have seen constant growth with 0 paid media. Collaborations and original photo & video content totaled thousands of likes, comments and shares.

Adopted by families, lifelong cyclers and young skater crews alike, Asphalt Freaks WEAR IT ON Stickers made it cool to stay safe when you ride. They've also been popping up on streets across the world, from Barcelona to Bruxelles and from Berlin to Havana.

Meanwhile, we realized they could even help celebrities stay safe from paparazzi by photo bombing their pesky pictures. The stickers scored flash collaborations with Beck's and Vandal Club - the hippest indie t-shirt designers in town - making an appearance on dedicated, limited-edition t-shirts.

The response led to new sticker packs with more color options and even a glow in the dark edition.




Case Study 


Project title: Asphalt Freaks - Reflective Stikers 
Brand: Asphalt Freaks
Client:Asphalt Freaks



Agentie: Goa Network

Marian Csosz / Production manager
Bogdan Moraru / Designer
Dragos Raicu / Copywriter
Sorin Tofan / Product development
Andreea Marcu / Designer
Alexandru Nistor / Web Design
Ioan Bunea / Project Manager
Alexandru Adascalitei / Web Design
Ana Velici / Project Manager


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