Net Reach

Numarul de indivizi din publicul tinta care au avut ocazia sa vada cel putin o reclama a campaniei. Net reach/Acoperirea Neta ia in considerare o acoperire de 1+. Numarul programelor sau a segementelor din zi(daypart), publicatii pe care trebuie sa le fi citit sau vazut pentru a se considera ca cineva a fost atins/reached poate fi un numar stability prin varate modalitati, dar de obicei este de 3 minute consecutive dintr-un pogram sau dintr-un segment de zi si citire, frunzarirea unei publicatii. Acoperirea neta/net reach poate fi exprimata in secunde sau in procente din publicul tinta. Varianta procentuala se calculeaza astfel: GRP-urile sunt impartite la nedia OTS . Calculul in secunde: numarul brut al afisarilor impartit la media OTS(vezi: Average Frequency, Impressions, Net ..., OTS/OTH, Target Audience Population).

The number of different people within the specified target audience who have the opportunity to see at least one advertisement in the campaign. Net reach thus equals 1+ reach. The amount of a programme or daypart or publication which must have been viewed or read in order for someone to be considered 'reached' can be defined variously but is often 3 continuous minutes of a programme or daypart and read or looked through or flipped through a publication. Net reach can be expressed in 000s or as a % of the target population. Calculation of net reach in 000s : gross impressions divided by average OTS. Calculation of % net reach : GRPs divided by average OTS (see Average Frequency, Impressions, Net ..., OTS/OTH, Target Audience Population).

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