[Grand FIBRA / PRINT @ Premiile FIBRA] Veggie Heroes / Mega Image / McCann

Premiile obtinute la FIBRA #2:

Veggie Heroes / Mega Image / McCann

  • GOLD FIBRA @ Creative Use of Media
  • GOLD FIBRA @ Packaging
  • GOLD FIBRA @ Shopper Experience
  • SILVER FIBRA @ Best Art Direction



Campaign / Execution Summary

We created special design packages for each type of veggies &fruits, that turned them into a superhero gang: the eggplant became the Astroeggplant, carrots became the Carrot, the zucchini turned into the Zucchinisaurus (not extinct at all), and the simple cauliflower got a makeover too, turning into the Cauliflosheep. Let’s not forget about the Bearkiwi, the Pineapplefish, the PinguWitlof or the Orangesun.

And each came with its own beautifully-illustrated, healthy eating encouraging story: they could be as full of iron as the Astroeggplant, or as strong as the Pinguwitlof, as long as they get their vitamins from veggies. 
“Veggie Heroes” starred in store performances that went live on Facebook. It also became part of an educational program for schools, kindergartens and camps, with the mission to transform healthy eating in a fun imaginative experience.


1 in 4 kids in Romania is obese, while 1 in 2 is overweight and main problem is sugar, according to National Health Organization.

Still, this alarming issue goes under the radar in a culture where old-school tradition states chubby as healthy, so parents and grand-parents don’t try to limit kid’s access to sugar: a kid needs 3-4 tablespoons of sugar, and right now, the average child has 35 instead.

Mega Image raised awareness and started a conversation about this important kid’s health issue and made the healthy nutrition alternative (fruits & veggies) a fun, entertaining & impulse (daily) shopping option.


We targeted families with kids; when they go shopping in the supermarkets, the kids drag their parents to the sweets department, because they’re wrapped in shiny, colorful packaging.

To counterattack this, we wanted to make fruits & veggies an impulse shopping category, instead of the shiny, beautiful wrapped sweets, that are the main problem for kids’ obesity risk.


Educational blogs & social network communities on parenting became involved in the action. 800,000 media impressions were gathered with only Facebook & PR, estimated as 30.000 Eur free media.

Mega Image campaign traveled from stores to kids’ schools, promoting healthy eating through interactive plays, books with the veggies funny characters.

National media picked up the events and turned them into free coverage for educational purposes.

Renowned nutritionist evoked the importance of such actions in preventing child obesity from early ages on social media, online sites, and TV.

Fruits & veggies sales increased up to 300% during the campaign.

The campaign increased Instore traffic in the Mega stores from the families’ neighborhoods with 11% - keeping in mind that Mega is already the retail store with the highest traffic in Romania.



Entry Case Title: Veggie Heroes
Brand: Mega Image
Client: Image Image



Chief Creative Officer: Catalin Dobre
Copywriter: Ioana Zamfir
Art Director: Alin Sirbu
Art Director: Ioan Cojocaru





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