[Case Study] Next Advertising - Motorcyclist in the mirror / Romanian Traffic Police / Romanian Traffic Police

There are no motorcycles on streets in winter. Therefore their appearance in spring is somehow surprising for drivers, and accidents happen.


Campaign Summary

We needed to draw attention to drivers about motor riders popping up on streets in spring. So, on the rear view mirrors of parked cars, we sticked a smart flyer showing a motor rider, simulating his appearance in traffic. With the help of motor club members and police officers around the country, 10.000 smart stickers were placed. The campaign consisted of different materials: a video spot, outdoor, flyers. Only this smart flyer was produced by us.


Target Audience

Drivers of all ages, because they need to be aware of motor riders in traffic.



Among the many articles about the whole campaign, the smart flyer was mentioned quite often. AdevarulPolitia RomanaDigi24Observator.




Project title: Motorcyclist in the mirror
Brand: Romanian Traffic Police
Client: Romanian Traffic Police



Agentie: Next Advertising

Liviu David / Creative Director/Copywriter
Andrei Iovita / Art Director

Casa de productie: 4 Colors

Cristina Spatarelu / Account Executive

Next Advertising

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