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Campaign / Execution Summary

This is the story of how an online newspaper from Romania answered hatred with empathy in a sensitive political context and championed a positive image of Romanians in international media with a real-time, zero-budget campaign that made headlines across the globe.
In just 24h from the news about the attacks on Romanian immigrants, on Sunday evening, June 26th, we launched the “Romanians Adopt Remainians” campaign. A statement against intolerance and xenophobia and a message to the world that Romania and Romanians are still firm believers in European unity and European values.

Context / Problem / Opportunity / Insight

Remain voters woke up after the Referendum caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, European authorities and other European citizens especially in Western Europe, dismayed by the vote result were expressing either contempt or mockery towards UK and the British in general because of the recent turn of events. On the other hand, they were shocked by the recent spike in xenophobia motivated attacks against immigrants on British streets and in social media.

Target Group

We had to address multiple audiences. Our Romanian readers both at home and in the diaspora, British citizens dismayed by the xenophobia showed by some of their countrymen, the international media which seldom covers positive subjects about Romania and Romanians and, finally, politicians and authorities.


The campaign had no media budget whatsoever. Not even Facebook ads. The viral effect was entirely organic: from Romanian readers of Gandul.info to the whole world.

Publications and TV Stations from all over the world (The Washington Post, Newsweek, The Economist, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Reuters, The Huffington Post, The Evening Standard, CNN) covered what become over night the most widespread campaign for European unity.

The campaign totaled EUR 2.6 million in earned media equivalent and 126.7 million PR impressions. The campaign website registered 214,705 pageviews and 100,382 unique viewers, 47% of which logged in from UK I.P.s .

Articles covering the Romanians who adopted Remainians had in average 8,200 views compared to a 3,700 avg. for other articles (+143.2% than set objective)



Agency/Company: GMP Advertising
Entry Case Title: Romanians Adopt Remainians
Brand: Gandul
Client: Gandul



Executive Creative Director: Mihai Gongu
GM & Head of Digital Strategy: Bogdan Nitu
Head of Communication Strategy: Andrei Balan
Project Director: Carmen Marinescu
Art Director: Sasha Tanase
Web Developer: Dan Neciu
Web Programmer: Cosmin Panait
Web Programmer: Razvan Stanga
QA Tester: Andreea Lazar
Strategic Planner: Stefan Georgescu
Graphic Designer: Ionut Raicu
Copywriter: Andreea Cristea
Social Media Manager: Elena Ciric
Redactor Sef: Clarice Dinu



Digital Agency: Webstyler




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