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New Moon

Creative intelligence to unravel brands' digital potential.

We combine our digital advertising expertise with human intelligence, so to deploy carefully tailored solutions for your communication needs, brands and products. Whether you need a one-stop digital communication agency or a long-term partner for all your marketing needs, we are game. We have the knowledge, the means, the experience and also the network of people to find the most effective solutions.

Meet New Moon, the full-service digital agency.

Prezentarea serviciilor:
Full-service digital agency, focused on digital branding, digital-driven 360 campaigns, identity and branding, creative strategy, brand awareness, digital & social media communications, content creation, employer branding, performance media, creative writing and storytelling, CSR & sustainability, CRM.

Portofoliu de clienti:
Mercedes-Benz, eSky, Epson, Philips, Decathlon, Queen Aloe Vera, MSD Romania, Endava, WWF, World Vision Romania, Alfa Group, Servier, Safetech Innovations, OSCAR, Downstream, Benzinariile RO Concept Oscar, BCR Pensii, IMPACT S.A.

Echipa de management:
Maria-Madalina Turbatu - Co-founder, Business Director & Client Service Director
Andreea Gavrila - Co-founder, Digital Creative Director & Creative Strategist

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