Digital Project Manager @ Grapefruit

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Companie: Grapefruit
Specializare: Project Manager, Marketing, Digital
Tip job: Full Time
Nivel: Middle

Your focus will be on coordinating a super team and being the ally that our client needs. Therefore you’ll have the liberty (and risks) to experiment, pitch new processes and procedures, propose over-the-top (but tangible) solutions while staying ahead of the competition.

You will coordinate the implementation of various digital platforms, starting with understanding the business’ problems of our current/new clients and actively contribute to new business efforts by making proposals for specific features/improvements. Your focus will be on project delivery and requirements management for the entire product life cycle.

You will be part of Grapefruit’s Customer Success Team and will work closely with Account Managers and with the delivery team (designers, software developers, testers, content editors) and will be reporting to the Customer Success Manager.

What you need to know for this position

  • 3+ years in a similar position that involved developing digital web platforms and working 1:1 with developers, testers, designers, content & digital strategy specialists;
  • excellent English (both written and spoken);
  • project management skills (communication, requirements management, planning, risks & quality general best practices);
  • good knowledge of digital marketing concepts in order to understand implications and debrief to the team clients objectives (content, seo, lead strategy, general media - ads knowledge);
  • university degree in a relevant field: marketing, IT or others.


Skills that make you human

  • easily portable within other similar projects;
  • pragmatic, organized and can take up a challenge;
  • detail-oriented person;
  • enjoy teamwork but also perfectly capable to work on your own;
  • proactive and results-oriented type of person.


What will be your responsibilities

Client area

  • help to turn opportunities into long-term working relationships and be the ally our clients need;
  • keep a close relationship with all existing clients discussing way of working, impact of your projects and show proactivity in helping our clients achieve their project objectives;
  • monitor the happiness level by paying attention to the added value of your projects and work;


Project area

  • Project Planning: defining project scope, objectives, and requirements in collaboration with clients and stakeholders. Creating a comprehensive project plan, including timelines, milestones, and resource allocation.
  • Identify from the start the right activities and deliverables necessary to achieve the clients’ objectives for projects like:
    ○ content migration (content migration from one cms solution to another)
    ○ product launch campaigns (landing pages, product & services web platforms)
    ○ lead generation campaigns (landing pages, collect user data).
  • Team Coordination: you will be leading a team of designers, developers, and other specialists. Assigning tasks, setting priorities, and ensuring effective communication among team members is something that you do on a daily basis. Estimate effort with the team, identify new / change requests that impact the budget.
  • Client Communication: serving as the primary point of contact between the project team and the client. Managing client expectations, providing updates, and addressing concerns or feedback.
  • Resource allocation - weekly planning: plan weekly all activities for the coming week by collaborating with the Delivery manager.
  • Reporting: track your teams’ reporting activities/timesheet in order to spot any deviation regarding initial effort estimation.


Key traits that will help you manage your daily work

  • Adaptability: Being flexible and adaptable in a fast-paced digital environment, where project requirements can evolve or change rapidly.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: unexpected challenges and roadblocks can arise during digital projects so we need you to identify problems, analyze them, and find solutions.
  • Attention to Detail: this role requires accuracy and paying attention to detail ensures that the final product/launch meets high standards and we managed to capture the client's vision.
  • Strong Communication Skills: you must excel in both written and verbal communication for both internal purposes - your team but also when facing the client.
  • Autonomy: you have to be able to decide on the next step or project / client approach and require support only for sensitive or out of the ordinary situations.


Consider that you will be collaborating with

  • team leaders or delivery manager to proactively discuss any challenges you face in your project team;
  • a designated Account manager regarding client business objectives, project financial, invoicing & billing activities;
  • other external partners like media or creative agencies to define needed outcomes like digital assets.


Additional responsibilities

  • promote Grapefruit’s values through everything you do;
  • create and implement new ways to increase innovation and efficiency (e.g work processes);
  • act towards growing Grapefruit as a business, not only your business unit;
  • offer support for projects belonging to other business units;
  • anything else we forgot and is common sense.

If you are interested in this position and if you think you fit the job description, send us your CV.

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