How can deep-tech technology improve the new “normal”?

How can deep-tech technology improve the new “normal”?

Find out more on 13-14th May at the largest deep-tech event in Eastern Europe - Codiax.

2021 marks the biggest and the most powerful changes in the deep tech era. We are at a point in history where the record speed of covid-19 vaccine development was partly thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality technology has been used inside the operating room during live surgery, drones are now designed to pollinate crops and perform machinery inspections in cramped spaces and Blockchain is about to accelerate most sustainable development goals. Deep tech has improved our new normal. These are some of the verticals covered in the fourth edition of Codiax.  

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Hello Tomorrow, Forbes 30 under 30, ML6, Overstory,  Evidently.AI, Fortune 500 or Uizard

Our speakers come from different parts of the world. Innovation, expertise, passion, knowledge, future are the spotlighted words that will rock our virtual stage on this Codiax edition.

This year's surprise is Laura Kerber, Research Scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Dr. Laura Kerbert is a planetary geologist, her research covering explosive volcanism, wind erosion in deserts, and extraterrestrial caves. She will share with the codiaxers everything they want to know about caves on the moon.


Workshops hosted by the most innovative companies in deep tech

Codiax’s 2021 workshops cover different deep tech areas, bringing on the stage all the experience and expertise needed for the world’s new challenges.

  1. Voice cloning recipes for data scientist chefs: from spartan to gourmet which will present different approaches to voice cloning considering constraints in terms of data volume, computing power and available tools, hosted by three specialists from Endava;
  2. Automated Bug Finding with Fuzz Testing which will cover the basics of fuzz testing, presented to our public by Everest Munro-Zeisberger, CTO @ Fuzzbuzz;
  3. Matching Journalists with Domain Experts: Text Classification with BERT and Gradient Boosting Trees from Idea to Production, a workshop about how to match journalists interested in writing a story with relevant domain experts, brought to you by Andrei Olariu from Stone Soup Technology;
  4. Coding the Magic Internet Money – A Blockchain Programming Workshop Beyond The Market Hype, a hands on exploration on the most popular blockchain programming language - Solidity, hosted by Alex Males from Payable.

Codiax, the only and the largest event in eastern Europe dedicated exclusively to the Deep Tech phenomena will take place virtually between May 13-14 on the Hopin platform.

We invite you to discover how technology will impact our new "normal". directly from experts in the field of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Hello Tomorrow, Forbes 30 under 30, ML6, Overstory, Evidently.AI, Fortune 500 and Uizard.


Codiax is a niche event of Techsylvania, one of the largest technology events in Eastern Europe, which takes place this year for the first time on the virtual event platform Hopin, and which brings together over 5,000 IT and non-IT specialists from around the world.

Vlad Ciurca, co-founder of Techsylvania and Codiax, said:

“Romania has more engineers per capita than the USA, India, China or Russia (~ 120k people working in IT) and excellent talent, but when it comes to focus on newer technologies, there is still a gap. This is why we seek to fill this knowledge gap with an event dedicated to deep technology and all its related subcategories. ”


Supporters of Codiax 2021: Superbet, Telenav, Macadamian, Accenture, Endava, Metro Systems, 3SS.

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