[Shortlist @ Premiile FIBRA] #Bebebine / OLX / Saatchi&Saatchi + The Geeks

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Campaign / Execution Summary

OLX needed a campaign that would engage mothers to create accounts and post ads in the Mother and Children section of their website. In order to do that, we needed to approach various barriers (safety, trust, status) that women have towards OLX. Rather than tackling each barrier individually, we decided to create a powerful execution that would make the brand likeable and approachable.

In order to get there, we combined the cuteness of the baby universe with the opulence of the hip hop genre. We created a musical video clip around the concept of #bebebine, a baby that has everything he needs. The video execution features a 3D baby that sings a hip-hop tune about being the coolest kid on the block and having everything he ever wanted because his mother won the OLX Allowance.

Context / Problem / Opportunity / Insight

During our qualitative study (focus groups) we found out that women face various barriers that prevents them from using the OLX platform. These barriers address safety, trust or status issues, that seemed impossible to tackle in a single advertising campaign.

That’s why we thought of an alternative: giving mothers a strong enough incentive to try out our platform, without thinking too much about what can go wrong. In order to determine what this incentive could be, we looked for a relevant topic of conversation in the mother online community. We found out that women were talking a lot about the recent changes in the laws concerning the allowance given by the government to mothers during their maternity leave. That’s how we came up with the idea to create a OLX Allowance that covers everything a baby would ever need.

In order to reach our target with this concept, we needed to create a powerful execution that would go viral in the social media. We wrote a hip hop song about a baby that has won the OLX Allowance and created a musical video clip where a CGI (3D) baby sings and dances to our tune.

Target Group

Our primary target are women with ages between 25-50:
- Urban mothers
- Internet users (heavy mobile usage)
- Various education
- Various Income


1) Video Execution Results (16th September – 16th October)

YouTube Video:
- 4,8 million total views
- 2 million organic views
- 18.500 likes (90% of the reactions were positive)
- 3700 playlists on YouTube that feature the #bebebine commercial
- 4th place in Top View Rank on YouTube in the Entertainment category (11th October – 18th October)
- 40.000 organic views on the #bebebine instrumental video
- 100.000 organic views on the #bebebine karaoke video
Facebook Video:
- 878.000 views on Facebook
- 3.400 reactions (99,7% of the reactions were positive)
- 1.800 shares on Facebook.

2) Business results (results during the campaign vs. 3 weeks before the campaign)

+50% Daily Net New Listings: new ads that have been posted in the Mother and Child section of OLX during the campaign.

+38% Daily Unique Listers : users that have an OLX account and have posted an ad in the Mother and Children category.

20-24% growth of the ads posted in the female oriented categories of OLX




Agency/Company: Saatchi&Saatchi + The Geeks
Entry Case Title: #Bebebine
Brand: OLX
Client: OLX Group



Head of Marketing OLX: Razvan Acsente
Brand Manager OLX: Marius Funie
Communication Specialist OLX : Cristina Sauciuc
Managing Director: Vlad Petre
Brand Communication Director: Ana Maria Patrut
Senior Web Developer: Paul Foltache
Senior Copywriter: Tiberiu Coman
Communication Consultant: Costin Radu

OLX Group

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