[Shortlist @ Premiile FIBRA] Truth Cans / Sprite / McCann

Nominalizarile obtinute la FIBRA #2:

  • Creative Use of Media



Campaign / Execution Summary

The Sprite Truth Cans were an experience by themselves: when the can was cool, a message was visible on it. When the can became warm (presumably as it was drank) a second message became visible, offering a twist to the original message. E.g.: We're such good friends / We should go on a date. Or Nothing scares me / Like a seen with no reply. Thus, offering the Truts Cans to someone would help youngsters break the ice and speak their mind.
We knew the target appreciates exclusive content delivered on exclusive channels. And we were looking for a way to translate the brand promise in the digital environment and further engage the target with the brand. So a simple mechanics that started from the can was set: scanning the Truth Cans with Shazam directed to a series of exclusive online content created by influencers relevant to the target: Deliric, Mikey H, Bromania, Mircea Bravo, and Like One. In each video one of the influencers offered his original (video) perspective to the message on the can, delivering a fresh and entertaining perspective to each message. Each of the influencers created two videos.
Ultimately, the Truth Cans became truly interactive cans that were not only able to play a part in the target's day-to-day interactions, but also led to an online brand experience. By basically helping youngsters not only break the ice in a fun way, but also get a small dose of on-the-go entertainment from their top stars.

Context / Problem / Opportunity / Insight

Sprite's brand mission is to offer youngsters a fresh perspective on the most important thing in their lives, and support them in being (and acting) original. And overcoming shyness and expressing your mind is one of the most challenging parts of being young. In looking for a way to deliver the brand promise and place the product at the center of the target's interactions we realized many of the youngsters find it hard to express themselves and break the ice when willing to relate to someone else.
As part of its brand mission, during the summer of 2017 Sprite transformed its product in the perfect conversation starter. With a dose of branded-content entertainment on top.

Target Group

Sprite's main consumption target is 12-29 year-olds living in urban areas.


Sprite used its cans and linked it to online content in order to play a part in the target's daily interactions by insightfully "attacking" one of the most common issues: timidity.
The Sprite cans sales went up by 16% during the 3-month campaign (compared to the previous year). During the same time the number of Shazam scans was 13.945, making it the most successful visual scan campaign in Romania. The Facebook campaign posts generated over 338.000 engagements. The online total reach was 86% of the 12-29 y.o. urban target.
Following the success of the campaign the Truth Cans will be available throughout the Central and Eastern Europe.



Agency/Company: McCann Worldgroup Romania
Entry Case Title: Truth Cans
Brand: Sprite
Client: Coca-Cola



Chief Creative Officer: Catalin Dobre
Group Creative Director: Jonay Sosa
Executive Creative Director: Ioana Filip 
Art Director: Lia Bira
Copywriter: Alexandru Vasile



Media Agency: UM Romania



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