"Print is the essence of creativity" declara, la unison, Monica Moro si Raquel Martinez

Prezente in juriul festivalului AdPrint 2007, Monica Moro si Raquel Martinez, Executive Creative Director, respectiv Creative Director, McCann Erickson Madrid, lucreaza impreuna de 10 ani si nu isi imagineaza ca ar putea sa fie si altfel pentru ca, "creative work is better when shared", spun ele.

Monica si Raquel considera ca print-ul este mediul ideal de exprimare a creativitatii. "We consider print advertising to be one of the most difficult advertising disciplines. It demands to kill in one shot. Whilst in a TV commercial one can entertain oneself in a story in order to induce something, whatever that may be, in print it has to be done in one go: to touch, make one think, laugh or simply inform. It means selecting the right frame, sometimes the only one. This is why more synthesis is demanded than in any other media. But it is true that a good print idea, one of those that kill, is the best this profession has. It is the essence of creativity. It is taking away all the trimmings from everything and demonstrating how far you are able to go with a pure idea."

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