[Podcast Brain it Forward] Communication insights on France protests June 2023

[Podcast Brain it Forward] Communication insights on France protests June 2023

The host, Ana-Maria Diceanu Founder and CEO Brain 4 Strategy, communication agency, has today Mathilde Bordron, Head of Corporate Influence at Saper Vedere as guest speaker.

They discuss about crisis communication and recent protests in France (June 2023). 

Mathilde provided a comprehensive overview of the riots in France after the shooting of a 17-year-old boy by police near Paris. The government quickly responded with messages of empathy and the need for investigation, but there was a disconnect between their messaging and the emotions of the people on the streets, highlighting a gap between the government and the reality of French society. The situation serves as a reminder of the importance of understanding the power of social media and the need for effective communication strategies in times of crisis.
Key Questions answered in the podcast

How can corporations navigate societal dynamics and meet the expectations of society to preserve their license to operate?
How can the government bridge the gap between themselves and the communities affected by the incident?
How should brands and companies react in a situation that affects society as a whole?

Brain it Forward is a podcast for managers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Host: Ana Maria Diceanu  
Invitat: Mathilde Bordron, Head of Corporate Influence Saper Vedere

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