[Case-Study] Coming Out

Advertised product: PSA Against Homophobia
Name: Coming Out
Agency: Leavingstone



Georgia, always being a very homophobic country, has had even bigger increase of hate and non-acceptance of LGBTQI people for the past few years. Being an aggressive homophobe and constantly using hate speech against the most vulnerable group in society (and even physically assaulting them) is a casual thing here; one can be still widely accepted and respected by everyone for that, whereas being queer means to be outcasted from society and rejected by own family, alongside with physical and verbal harassment on daily basis. So, it was a big challenge to tackle this attitude and raise awareness of rampant homophobia with a single PSA. Homophobia has its causes and possible solutions on so many levels, it is difficult to talk about all of them and educate society about the topic. That’s why we decided to go to the depth and address the root of the problem - society’s double and controversial standard - when one is accepted for their hatred of other people, whereas another one is abused because of their love. For the setting, we chose coming-out-to-family scene, as family relationship is the spot where both, love and hate, emotions are at their strongest power. We used parallel reality technique to make people question their priorities and to show that it’s possible and even more logical to live in a society where it is hate that’s unaccepted not love.



Natia Gogia, Account Director Leavingstone,
Salome Zhvania, Copywriter Leavingstone,
Jorg Skorobogatov, Art Director Freelancer,
Giorgi Gogichaishvili, Director Freelancer,
Sandro Darakhvelidze, DoP Leavingstone,
Natia Gogia, Executive Producer Fourk Group,
Nino Injia, Set and Costume Designer Freelancer,
Niko Tarielashvili, Sound Operator Post Red Audio, Sound Freelancer,
Levan Amashukeli, Color Grader Freelancer,
Magda Datuashvili, Make-up Artist




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