[Premiile FIBRA #1] Silver FIBRA - McCann - Voting Clubs / Sapte seri / Sapte seri

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Silver FIBRA - McCann - Voting Clubs / Sapte seri / Sapte seri

Campaign Summary

On the Eve of the 2014 Election Day, Sapte Seri changed the admittance stamp to the official voting stamp at the hottest parties in Bucharest.

On Election Day morning, the voting conversation exploded on social media, as party people started to wake up and find our voting reminders on their wrist.

The local stunt was picked up by the biggest TV station in Romania and transformed into a call to action. For the first time in a really long time, all the programs covering the elections showed youngsters encouraging everybody to vote.




Case Study


Project title: Voting Clubs 
Brand: Sapte Seri
Client: Sapte Seri



Agentie: McCann Romania

Adrian Botan / Creative Chairman
Catalin Dobre / Executive Creative Director
Alexandru Vasile / Copywriter
Lia Bira / Art Director
Raluca Voinea / Account Manager
Carmen Bistrian / Creative Excellence Manager


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Silver FIBRA / Voting Clubs / 13.2 DIRECT MARKETING - Use of New Media for Direct Marketing

Bronze FIBRA / Voting Clubs / 7.1 MEDIA - Creative Use of Media 

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