[Premiile FIBRA #1] Silver FIBRA - McCann - CIF Curata Romania / CIF / CIF Romania

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Silver FIBRA - McCann - CIF Curata Romania / CIF / CIF Romania

Campaign Summary

Cif is the patron of home cleaning in Romania. And talking about cleaning, kids are like sponges: they absorb everything they see. Romanian streets were filled with hateful and antisemite messages and drawings. While parents could turn off the TV or the internet, they couldn't turn off the streets.

Cif took its cleaning power to the streets, by removing offensive graffiti on walls all across the country, under the slogan "Cif cleans Romania!". We developed an app that allowed people to send pictures of discriminatory messages. They were instantly located, and the Cif team came to clean them up.

In only 2 months we cleaned 385 locations all over Romania and gathered them on the campaign website. 9000 users reported drawings and messages to be cleaned, and the app went to no 1 in its Appstore category. The campaign earned 1.2 million in free media and reached 14 million people.


Case Study


Project Title: CIF Curata Romania
Brand: CIF
Client: CIF Romania



Agentie: McCann Romania

Adrian Botan / Global Creative Director
Nir Refuah / Chief Creative Officer
Alexandru Dumitrescu / Executive Creative Director
Ioana Zamfir / Copywriter
Ana Maria Caizerliu / Art Director


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