[Premiile FIBRA #1] Silver FIBRA - McCann - Pay with blood / UNTOLD / UNTOLD

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Silver FIBRA - McCann - Pay with blood / UNTOLD / UNTOLD

Campaign Summary

Romania ranks second to last in Europe for donating blood. Only 0.2% of young people are active donors. Romanians die every day due to lack of blood.

UNTOLD, the biggest music festival organized in Transylvania, the land of Dracula, was the perfect opportunity to show young people that donating blood can be part of their everyday life.

UNTOLD festival joined forces with Romania's National Institute for Blood Transfusions to launch Pay with blood: a campaign offering free or discounted tickets for any donation in one of the 42 donation centers in Romania. And because it happened in Transylvania, Dracula endorsed our campaign.

The campaign was communicated in all the ticket selling points, donation centers and on social media. Pay with blood generated more than 1000 pieces of national and international news, producing 1.431.571 euro in earned media and 129.121.728 media impressions.

But most importantly, 1596 tickets were Payed with blood, saving 3192 lives. Pay with blood created a new breed of donors that will be more likely to donate blood again in the future.




Case Study


Project title: Pay with blood
Client: UNTOLD



Agentie: McCann Romania

Adrian Botan / Creative Chairman
Catalin Dobre/  Executive Creative Director
Sebastian Olar / Group Creative Director
Alexandru Vasile / Copywriter
Arpad Rezi / Senior Art Director
Lia Bira / Art Director
Gabriela Alexandrescu / Group Account Director
Simona Geaca / Senior Account Manager
Oana Grigore / Senior Account Executive
Alexandra Crivat / PR Account Manager
Anca Barbulescu / PR Account Manager
Laura Stoica / PR Senior Account Executive
Carmen Bistrian / Creative Excellence Manager


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