[Premiile FIBRA #1] Bronze FIBRA - GMP Group - Veterans of the Depression / TVR / TVR

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Bronze FIBRA - GMP Group - Veterans of the Depression / TVR / TVR

This is the story of the first peer-to-peer campaign to help people with undiagnosed depression get professional help. Those who suffer from depression are often unaware it can lead to suicide, until it's too late. To complicate the problem, media sensationalism makes the few who are aware of their condition less willing to reveal it, for fear of being stigmatized. A simple and effective solution was needed to fight a silent killer threatening over 3 million Romanians.

Our mechanic implied recruiting Depression Veterans, people who have been battling depression and won, as volunteers for depression detection. At home, at school and at work. Trained by psychiatrist in special workshops and taught how to recognize the symptoms around them, they can guide others to a doctor.


Campaign Summary

Supported by TVR, the National Television Channel, we launched we real depression veterans telling their personal wars. Inspiring others to have the guts to share their battles. The posters were displayed in student campuses, on the wall of psychiatrist offices and spread at the National Medical Association Congress.

Each poster was a testimony of a genuine battle. We followed the buzz with the launch the campaign website where we invited people to support our cause and enlist for the recruitment workshops.

The website detailed personal inspiring stories, it presented various techniques to fight depression and featured a gallery with used generated posters, with people wearing the Depression Veteran medal.



The Depression Veterans: Trench

The Depression Veterans: Minefield


Project title: Veterans of the Depression
Brand: TVR 
Client: TVR



Agentie: GMP Group

Balint Hajagos / Photographer
Mihai Gongu / Creative director
Sebastian Romano / Copywriter
Florian Nistor / Art Director
Alexandra Mihus / Account Director
Ioana Gheorghita / Head of Strategy
Andreea Nemens / General Manger

Agentie de digital: Webstyler 

Bogdan Nitu / Head of strategy
Andrei Balan / Communication Strategy


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Bronze FIBRA - Veterans of the Depression / 4.3 CRAFT - Best Copywriting

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