[Premiile FIBRA #1] Bronze FIBRA - Kort Design - Company ReDesign / Minus22 / Minus22

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Bronze FIBRA - Kort Design - Company ReDesign / Minus22 / Minus22

Complex Brasov used to be a very regular import and distribution company that in the last decade focused on fish frozen products. They were facing a difficult market and powerful competition that required a fresh new look and vision meant to motivate first the team, and then the customers.

The main challenge and request from the business design process was creating a new organization structure that can work independently from the business owner, in a couple of years. So it was needed a deeper approach in the organizational problems and wishes.


Campaign Summary

Since Minus22, the new identity put a big focus on the specialization of the organization with frozen products, the new packagings aimed to create and under-the-ice-letters that form the type of fish products you are looking for in the freezer.
The age of Ana - the B2C persona - inspired the design for big "readable" letters in the messages.

The system packaging was created on 3 big categories:

- whole fish - one type of bag in two different sizes
- fish fillets - one type of bag in two different sizes
- VIF - very important fish - a different package design for each of the 3 tree most popular species

For the first two categories, it was created an additional system of differentiation: easy to print rides specifying the fish species and information that are considered to be "variable" and not predefined.


Target Audience

B2B - Sergiu: small retail business owners in cities around Romania, looking for accessible products

B2C - Ana: lady aged 50+ with medium studies, taking care of planning and cooking family meals



The process managed to bring interest from the internal team - key people, to recreate the organization naming and identity, to rethink the products portfolio and plan ahead internal and external strategies aligned with the new vision of the company, a new marketing department, and 3 key people empowered.




Project title: Company ReDesign
Brand: Minus22
Client: Minus22



Agentie: Kort Design

Andrei Carcea / Chief Designer
Oana Korda / Concept Designer
Roxana Cozaru / Lead Designer
Razvan Pascu / Content Designer


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