[Premiile FIBRA #1] Shortlist FIBRA - Wopa - The KILN / Vatra / Jidvei

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Shortlist FIBRA - Wopa - The KILN / Vatra / Jidvei

Challenge: Romanian-made low-maturity Vinars (Romanian Brandy) brands share a common visual style in terms of their packaging: dark toned backgrounds overlaid with glossy brand identifiers. Furthermore, most of these brands' verbal identities are anchored in historically-relevant names of local figures or places: Brancoveanu, Zaraza, Mamaia.

Insight: Consumers are lost within the plethora of Vinars (Romanian Brandy) labels which share common verbal identity and design cues which fail to illustrate the product's attributes.


Campaign Summary

Building upon the insight, we've come up with the name Vatra - The Kiln for Jidvei's new VS (Very Special) line of Vinars (Romanian Brandy). The label's creative composition accompanies the spirit's name while meticulously translating the notions associated with the kiln (concentrated fire and heat) into easy-to-decode visual cues, based on age-old Romanian symbolism for a meaningfully -beautiful - almost handcrafted design.


Target Audience

The product is aimed at 35-60 year-old low-to-medium income male consumers, both rural and urban. As an extension of the target, collective events such as anniversaries, weddings and baptisms were also considered.



This packaging effort led to a greater degree of visibility for Jidvei at the Point-of-Purchase, while also enabling a smooth portfolio extension for the Romanian winemaker, which successfully secured a new segment of the market by introducing this lower-priced spirit.




Project title: The KILN
Brand: Vatra
Client: Jidvei



Agentie: Wopa

Ionut Datcu / Managing Partner
Luca Bulacu / Creative Partner
Adrian Dragan / Senior Copywriter
Cosmin Cucu / Senior Designer
Magda Schnell / Account Director
Alexandru Eftinoiu / Senior Strategic Planner

Casa de productie: IPPU Packaging

Cristi Padurariu / Sales Manager


Shortlist Premiile FIBRA #1:

Shortlist FIBRA - The KILN / 3.4 PRINT - Packaging

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