Surfshark. How to take back absolute control over your online life

Surfshark. How to take back absolute control over your online life

We obviously want a clean internet, one that is not covered by windows that ask for our information and need our clicks, an online life where we can travel freely, without being followed by cookies that feed on our privacy, a digital experience where we aren't afraid of all the things that could be hiding behind an innocent click. But we all came to the conclusion that if we want internet, we have to pay with our data, our intimacy and our frustrations. It's not a fair trade but we feel there is no alternative for us ordinary people, those who don't understand VPN, malware, phishing & servers. During the past years, we've developed this perception that only IT experts are entitled to a beautiful life on the internet. It doesn't have to be like that, Surfshark says, as they set out to change the paradigm and prejudice and take the digital experience to another level.


A premium digital experience for ordinary people

You don't have to be a specialist in cyber security or a hacker to enjoy the internet on your own terms. Those where you are not constantly followed, where your data isn't stolen and you don't pay with your privacy. One solution many users have been applying for a few years now is the VPN (virtual private network).

VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to connect to a public network, while benefiting from increased information security, simplified access and compatibility with high speed public networks. The only thing is that people sometimes get lost in the thicket of cyber terms and feel discouraged by the technical terms before accessing this solution.

The Surfshark goal is to make digital security more human, in order for anyone to access it and to take VPN services to the next level. The company wants to challenge the paradigm of cyber security, by developing solutions that change everyday digital habits in the years to come.

Surfshark's motto is this: every person has the right to absolute control over their online lives.


Clean internet, maximum speed

And now let's get to the practical aspects. What are the actual benefits of such a service?

First of all, a clean internet and a smooth, ads free, malware free, phishing and tracker free browsing.

Surfshark protects your online identity and gives you the chance to access any online content, in spite of geographical restrictions.

The service protects your data in case the server connection gets interrupted and uses two VPN servers for absolute security. Surfshark also offers solutions for strict server restrictions.

It's the only VPN service that offers unlimited online connections, simultaneously.

Those who chose Surfshark enjoy high level encryption, fast and secure protocols, private DNS for any server, camouflage options and prevention for any data leak.

On any application where it is being used, the CONNECT button uses an algorithm that automatically selects the best server and the best settings combination for the highest speed possible.

To better understand all these options, a Surfshark expert is available to users any time, offering 24/7 technical support.

Surfshark doesn't keep any login data or any type of information that could be used to identify users. The company doesn't collect IP addresses, browsing history, login sessions or any information about the users, because of the legislation in the British Virgin Islands, where it is headquartered.

You can actually see this for yourself, by reading the terms and conditions, which are explained in an easy to follow wording.


Safer internet for everyone

Surfshark was launched in 2018, starting from the idea of a secure and free internet. The company has a council of specialists from various areas - Pulitzer awarded journalists, experts in online protection, leaders of important organisations in this field - who take part in the Surfshark projects aimed at making the internet safer for everyone.

The Surfshark network has 3200 servers in over 110 locations from 65 countries and offers applications and extensions for all major platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Xbox & PlayStation.

The service was audited by an independent experts agency and received all legal approvals required. The company that develops the Surfshark service, Surfshark Ltd., is registered in the British Virgin Islands, having a strict user data protection policy.

The conclusion is simple and comforting: we do not have to sell our souls for a nice life on the internet.

Those at Surfshark are happy to show you that.

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