[Case Study] Wopa - Pick One! / Ionescu Sava / Ionescu Sava Law Firm

[Case Study] Wopa - Pick One! / Ionescu Sava / Ionescu Sava Law Firm

Challenge: There are so many Law Firms in Bucharest that claim to provide the best of services, that's really hard to distinguish the good ones from the bad. The legislation regarding how Law Firms should communicate is very restrictive: only specialized catalogues and business magazines for lawyers. So how can a law firm stand out from the crowd on a market such as this one?

Insight: A company is usually looking for the law firm that understands its business, particularities and speaks each client's language.


Campaign Summary

Starting from the insight, we underlined that choosing a law practice depends on the perspective companies are looking from. What if a law firm had the client's perspective?

A series of ads with common symbols coming from both perspectives: business and law - tie, pen, judge's mallet, visually remastered in a funny new way. The colour pink is used to creatively break the seriousness of the category.


Target Audience

CEOs and senior directors (legal, financial, HR) from both big local or multinational companies. Business men are also people, that's why they appreciate a little bit of smart, quality humour.



The Campaign resulted in a business increase in as much as 25%. Also provided for a cool and interesting ice breaker for any following meetings.



Trade or Threat? 


Project title: Pick One!
Brand: Ionescu Sava
Client: Ionescu Sava Law Firm



Agentie: Wopa

Ionut Datcu / Managing Partner, Strategy & Client Service
Luca Bulacu / Creative Partner
Mihai Gheorghiu / Senior Art Director
Tania Oprea / Copywriter

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