[Weekend Watch List] Munca noastră cea de toate zilele

[Weekend Watch List] Munca noastră cea de toate zilele

Greu cu munca, dar mai ales vinerea. Sau lunea. Sau toate zilele dintre ele. Și când scriam astfel de propoziții, stând într-un fotoliu comfortabil, privind pe fereastră griul și bând, poate, a treia cafea a dimineții, ne-am dat seama că, hai, nu e așa rău. Nu e rău deloc, dacă ne gândim la alții.

Pentru lista de weekendul acesta, am adunat experiențe de toate felurile: meserii care au dispărut, joburi care își fac loc acum. Cele mai grele și cele mai frumoase joburi. Cele mai ciudate. Și, printre ele, câteva analize și întrebări. Oamenii vor avea mereu ceva de făcut, spun specialiștii. Chiar și atunci când tehnologia, AI, roboții, vor face aproape tot. Dar de ce muncesc, totuși, oamenii? Răspunsul nu stă doar în salariu sau profit. 


Top 10 Jobs That No Longer Exist

Top 10 Jobs That No Longer Exist, jobs may seem like they will last forever but you never know which new invention will come along and make your job obsolete.


Top 10 Jobs That No Longer Exist – Part 2



Top 10 Jobs That No Longer Exist - Part 3


Jobs in History Series #1


Human Garden Gnome (Weird Jobs in History)

Today we know the garden gnome as a solid, small ornament made from clay or resin but did you know in the 18th century the role was played by a human being?


Are the Canadian oilsands jobs really gone for good? | Your Morning

 BNN's Jameson Berkow explains why many oilsands jobs lost due to crashing crude prices may not be coming back.


A world without work: Nigel Cameron at TEDxLacador

Instagram has a handful of employees. Kodak had 145,000. Technology is fast displacing humans, and we must reckon with the possibility that many jobs will be lost - and many new ones created also done by machines. How far will this go? Will a world without work be heaven - or hell? Now is the time to think it through.


Why we'll never run out of jobs | Tim O'Reilly | TEDxSanFrancisco

In this talk Tim O'Reilly is explaining how the on-demand economy, AI,robotics, & other technologies are transforming the nature of work & the future shape of the economy.


Why Are There Still So Many Jobs? | David Autor | TEDxCambridge

 Despite a century of remarkable labor-saving automation, the fraction of U.S. adults who work at a job has risen almost continuously for the past 125 years. This poses a paradox: our machines increasingly do our work for us: why doesn’t that make our labor redundant and our skills obsolete?


Jobs of the future and how we can prepare for them | Avinash Meetoo | TEDxALC

Following the current trend of the skills needed for jobs and the automation of different industries, Avinash Meetoo believes robots are the way of the future. He therefore says that the creative arts will thrive because people will have time on their hands and will be able to create things that entertain. In addition to the creative arts, there will be a high demand for jobs that call for computer science. Meetoo advocates for the creation of STEMA – Science, Maths, Engineering, Maths and the Arts, a field that will develop computer scientists who are artistic.


8 Jobs Every Company will be Hiring for by 2020 (Highest Paying jobs of future)

The labor market is changing faster than you might realize. Demographic changes and technological advancements may lead to the net loss of 5 million jobs by 2020, according to a report published by the World Economic Forum. In total, the report estimates that a total of 7.1 million jobs could be lost, the majority of which will be white-collar office and administrative jobs. The report, called “The Future of Jobs,” surveyed executives from more than 350 employers across nine industries in 15 of the world’s largest economies to come up with its predictions about how the labor markets will evolve.


What makes us feel good about our work? | Dan Ariely

What motivates us to work? Contrary to conventional wisdom, it isn't just money. But it's not exactly joy either. It seems that most of us thrive by making constant progress and feeling a sense of purpose. Behavioral economist Dan Ariely presents two eye-opening experiments that reveal our unexpected and nuanced attitudes toward meaning in our work. (Filmed at TEDxRiodelaPlata.)


I Can't Get No (Job) Satisfaction: Stephen Kellogg at TEDxConcordiaUPortland

Stephen Kellogg claims that when he was growing up, his musical interests were divided between his father's record collection, devoted to '70s singer/songwriters like Jim Croce and Cat Stevens, and his sister's rock & roll discs, dominated by hair metal acts like Bon Jovi and Mötley Crüe. In a curious way, Kellogg's music represents a meeting point between these two styles, with songs that delve deep into the personal, but make room for a sense of fun, while the music, which is intelligent and intimate, is also full of passion and electricity. With his long-time band The Sixers on hiatus, Stephen is currently working on a solo album to be released in 2013.


Old Woman Is Master Sea Snake Catcher! | Wild Japan | BBC


GW Bridge Painter: Dangerous Jobs

 Hanging more than 600 feet above 24 lanes of traffic for these guys is just another day at the office.



The Worst Job in the World: Silage Sewage Diver Canalization Wastewater Cleaner

 Do you think that you have a boring or hard job? Watch this video and answer the question again. The most disgusting job in the world - a diver in the sewage. People put on a special suit and dive into the waste water to clean.



Sewer Diver Loves His Job | National Geographic

Meet a man with perhaps the world's most disgusting job ... and he loves it.


The job no one wants in India

 It's called "manual scavenging," clearing human excreta by hand. Mallika Kapur reports.


Snake hunters from India tackle Florida's python problem

 Masi Sadaiyan and Vadivel Gopal, experts from India'a renowned snake-catching Irula tribe, scour the everglades to find these giant snakes.


Meet The Guy Who Wraps Celebrities' Luxury Cars

Celebrity car customizer Yianni Charalambous specializes in incredibly rare and expensive cars. Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, McLaren, Bentley, Rolls Royce, he's wrapped them all. Among some of the celebrities he has worked with are KSI, Harry Styles, Rupert Grint, Gordon Ramsay, and Anthony Joshua.

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