[Premiile FIBRA #1] Silver FIBRA - Leo Burnett - The Camouflaged 12th Player - Bergenbier - Molson Coors

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Silver FIBRA - Leo Burnett - The Camouflaged 12th Player - Bergenbier - Molson Coors

To qualify for EURO 2016 Romania had to play against Hungary, the west-neighbouring country and its biggest rival of all times. In football, this historical rivalry can only be compared with Brazil vs Argentina.

Bergenbier, the main sponsor of the National Football Team, wanted to go beyond a mere sponsorship and show strong support for the Romanian supporters (particularly because it was a crucial match and it was abroad, in hostile territory).



Why not camouflage the supporting messages, right there, on our rivals ground?

By buying media on the sideways billboards on the road to Budapest, we displayed touristic messages in Hungarian, encouraging everybody to visit the beautiful capital. The catch was that only the Romanian supporters could see the encouragement messages for their team on those billboards, thanks to the revealing 3D glasses distributed by Bergenbier.



The no. 1 Romanian sports newspaper - "Gazeta Sporturilor" - got on-board and gave us their front cover and other 4 interior pages, thus really amplifying the campaign.

So did the most important influencers on social media.


Target Audience

Romanian football supporters.





Project title: The Camouflaged 12th Player
Brand: Bergenbier
Client: Molson Coors



Agentie: Leo Burnett

Razvan Capanescu / Chief Creative Officer
Cosmin Ezaru / Art Director
Radu Olteanu / Copywriter
Cristina Corbu / Brand Communication Director

Agentie de media: Zenith Media

Loredana Baracu / Buying Director


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Bronze FIBRA - The Camouflaged 12th Player - 13.1 DIRECT MARKETING - Use of Traditional Media for Direct Marketing

Bronze FIBRA - The Camouflaged 12th Player - 7.1 MEDIA - Creative Use of Media

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