[Premiile FIBRA #1] Bronze FIBRA - FCB Bucharest - #delamineaiunnu / Active Watch / Active Watch

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Bronze FIBRA - FCB Bucharest - #delamineaiunnu / Active Watch / Active Watch

Romanian society faces a lot of prejudice. While Active watch, an NGO monitoring human rights implementation, is fighting any manifestation of intolerance, hatred, racism etc within the society, public figures responsible for the education of their audience promote the exact kind of hate speech they should be condemning. Two days prior to the campaign, a well known Romanian TV star, juror in a talent show, produced an anti-gay rant on national television in front of prime-time audience accounting for millions of viewers. The next day, Active Watch responded.


Campaign Summary

We gave people a tool to sanction that attitude the same way contestants are being sent home during talent shows: a red button with an X, actionable in multiple contacts within a 360 campaign: website, Facebook, banners, outdoor booths, mobile phones.



Up and running the next day after the scandal, #delamineaiunnu counted over 10.000 votes in just a few days. #delamineaiunnu became the most trended social media topic of the month in .ro.

Public personalities spontaneously joined the campaign and amplified our message through their own networks. The National AudioVisual council started an enquiry on the matter. The TV personality mentioned above lost her job.


Case Study 


Project title: #delamineaiunnu
Brand: Active Watch
Client: Active Watch



Agentie: FCB Bucharest

Colo Nelu / Head of Digital
Patricia Biea / Copywriter
Corina Coman / Head of PR
Claudiu Dobrita / Creative Director

Casa de productie: 50s Studio

Marian Csosz / Agency Producer

Agentie de media: MEC

Liliana Tiu / Strategic Media Coordinator


Premii obtinute la Premiile FIBRA #1:

Bronze FIBRA / #delamineaiunnu / 10.1 PR - Corporate Communications

Bronze FIBRA / #delamineaiunnu / 9 NON-PROFIT

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