[Premiile FIBRA #1] Special FIBRA - Young Minds - ANDCO - Analysis Network Diagrams from Communism / &CO / The University of Bucharest

[Premiile FIBRA #1] Special FIBRA - Young Minds - ANDCO - Analysis Network Diagrams from Communism / &CO / The University of Bucharest

In Romania very few of the States Archives are in digital format or even digitally indexed. Usually researcher (historians, anthropologists and other) visit the "State Archives" Institutions and dig into tons of paper-documents, in search for something "relevant".

2013 a researcher - Mihai Burcea - discovered an interesting fund of documents. More than 8.000 fiches, resulting from an internal census the Communist Party held between 1951-1952 (after the WW II). 1950 the Communist Party recently took the power in Romania and a new era was starting. It was very relevant for them to get a picture of their people, of those one that supported the movement before '44, in the underground ages.


Campaign Summary

The research team contacted us with a very simple task: "please help us make something meaningful out of this files".

For the next 3 years we built a team together - researchers + strategists + creatives + developers - in the quest to create a digital archive and the tools that give the scientific community the possibility to analyse the content in depth. This is a short project timeline:

  • 2013: we started the analysis on the content;
  • 2014: we created the identity - ANDCO - and launched the concept;
  • 2014: we held some public events on topics related to our subject - here, here;
  • 2014 - 2016: we created an online Content Management System and designed a process to help the research-team to digitize the fiches
  • 2014 - 2016: we created an online tool that helps researchers to dig into the digital archive (just the Romanian version for now since there is a huge amount of content)
  • 2014: we designed the cover of first book of this project;
  • 2014: we launched the book in a public event and for this occasion started the youtube channel of this project; 
  • 2015: we participated with the project at the Salon of Digital humanities in Geneve;

For this event we prepared the first info-graphic of the project.

  • 2015: we presented the tool in various conferences - ASEEES 47th Annual Convention, Philadelphia / The National Session of Scientific Presentation at the University of Bucharest;
  • 2015 - 2016: we launched a digital archive of photography, The Communist PHOTO-BOOK, of more interest to the general public; 
  • 2016: we presented the tool in Cluj, in a public lecture a the Digital Humanities Centre - DigiHUBB;
  • 2016: the project goes on; this year is dedicated to presenting final results into various formats: interactive info-graphs, interactive final report and printed final report


Target Audience

The core audience are the researchers in history with a main focus on the history of the Communist Party.

Apart from this we tried to create a best practice for a research project in terms of interdisciplinary team, process, deliverables and by this to set a new standard in Romania. This was well received by the research-communities we met in our public presentations.

And more than this, we tried to bring some results also to the "big public" (e.g. the PHOTO-BOOK), because in Romania the relationship with the "communist ages" is still an issue but the roots of the Communist Party itself are not that well-known.



  • more than 8.000 fiches digitized
  • 1 tool to analyze the fiches
  • 6 public lectures in Romania and abroad
  • 1 book in more than 200 pieces
  • more than 100 photos put together into an archive and still counting
  • good visibility in the researchers community in Romania
  • work in progress...



Overview - Info-graph


Fiches Overview


Project title: ANDCO - Analysis Network Diagrams from Communism 
Brand: &CO
Client: The University of Bucharest



Lead agency: YOUNGMINDS

Andrei Carcea / Chief Designer
Oana Korda / Copywriter
Dragos Ionescu / Lead Developer
Mihai Tatomir / Developer
Bogdan Taut / Project Manager

Development: NEXTICO

Dragos Ionescu / Lead Developer

Design & Strategy: KORT Studio

Andrei Carcea / Analytical Thinker & Chief Designer
Oana Korda / Copywriter


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