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Campaign / Execution Summary

AQUA SCANNER is a mobile app meant to help people (and especially parents) discover the content of all bottled waters in Romania, right in front of the supermarkets shelves. Only by scanning the labels, the app provided useful information about waters’ purity, in times when several brands were not to be trusted and were removed from shelves & while lawmakers were not giving any help.

Aqua Scanner was the central element of a NATIONAL CAMPAIGN meant to raise awareness on water purity and the Nitrates content of all bottled waters on shelves.


(1) Raise Awareness on bottled waters’ purity & their level of Nitrates (Aqua Carpatica being the best choice). 
(2) Convince Romanians to switch brand to Aqua Carpatica, by acknowledging its superiority, raise sales & market shares.


Seeing is believing. Give people a tool to be confidently informed about waters’ content of Nitrates.


Find the truth about all bottled waters in Romania using AQUA SCANNER mobile app!

We invented a new tool – AQUA SCANNER – a mobile app that empowers people to have access to the purity & safety information of ALL BOTTLED WATERS on the supermarket shelves: only by scanning the label, Romanians can get all the hidden purity information they need, in order to be confident that the water they buy is good enough for them and for their children: the Nitrate level is shown in the first place, but also other factors as well: the PH, the level of minerals, etc.

The app is also comparing the water brands, helping people to make an informed decision on choosing the best product available – Aqua Carpatica being the best option. All the scientific information was delivered by a certified laboratory, that had tested all the waters available at that time and provided the data.


We chose the channels that were delivering the biggest awareness for Nitrate concentrations of bottled waters and for our newly launched app: national TV stations (during high rating programs) mobile (the fastest growing channel in Romania) – targeting parents with small children, health conscious people, informed urbans, as well as general audiences.


Aqua Scanner became the most downloaded marketing campaign app ever in Romania, with 150.000+ app downloads & more than 4.500 sessions happening each day, during the campaign. (Sources: GooglePlay, AppStore). Aqua Carpatica became the NEW MARKET LEADER.


Aqua Carpatica has positioned itself, ever since the beginning, as the PUREST non-carbonated water on the market due to its LOWEST LEVELS of NITRATES (substances coming from intensive agriculture, polluting ground waters). When their concentration is high, they are harmful for people’s and especially children’s health.


(1) In 2015-2016 several bottled waters in supermarkets had been found inadequate for consumption, some of them even coming from non-authorized sources and being withdrawn from the shelves (source: APC, 2016).

(2) In Romania, on the supermarket shelves there are waters with as much as 5 TIMES the maximum Nitrate level allowed for small children. The law allows it and it doesn't compel brands to write the Nitrate content on their labels.

The President of the APC, conf. univ. dr. Costel Stanciu, declared that “As long as the Law doesn’t compel brands to declare the chemical composition of the water, the consumer is not completely, correctly and precisely informed. The consumer can’t choose knowingly.” (Source: APC Romania, 2016)


(1) Our research showed that people were not aware that not all bottled waters are safe (source: APC Romania). 
(2) Seeing is believing: claiming our superiority on Nitrate concentration versus competition was not enough, we knew that people needed a better brand experience and better proofs to firmly believe us.


MAKE PEOPLE ASK THEMSELVES IF THEY ARE MAKING THE SAFEST CHOICE when choosing a bottled water brand and re-introduce Nitrates as a main purity indicator, by PROVIDING A UNDENIABLE ANSWER: Aqua’s levels of Nitrate vs ANY other brand on the market.


Since water safety and purity is a subject that concerns everybody, we went for a national awareness campaign. However, the URBAN PARENTS, the HEALTH AWARE PEOPLE and the INFORMED URBANS were our main target groups, due to their constant preoccupation of making healthier and more informed choices.



(1) APP DOWNLOADS: Aqua Scanner became the most downloaded marketing campaign app ever in Romania, with 150.000+ app downloads during the campaign, 5X than expected.

(2) APP USAGE: and more than 4.500 sessions happening each day, 15X more than expected. 
(Sources for all the above: Google Play, App Store – September-December 2016, Internetics - 2016)

The online organic reach of the campaign totaled: 80 organic mentions and 1.3M total unpaid viewership, 30% more than expected (source: Zelist Monitor, September – December 2016)

But our campaign became a national discussed subject when The Romanian Waters’ Association felt pressured to drive an educational campaign about water safety and purity, right after the launch of Aqua Scanner.

People started questioning their water brands: over 4M Romanians entered the Romanian Waters’ Association website to find out about the purity of the water they drink. (source: The Romanian Waters Association cited by IQads.ro)


Aqua Carpatica became the no. #1 brand of bottled water in Romania in 2016, with the biggest value market share, in 2016 vs 2015, surpassing two of its competitors, Borsec & Izvorul Alb, traditional brands with a big heritage behind, with sales growing with 33% during the campaign and 22% all year overall.




Agency/Company: Cohn & Jansen JWT
Entry Case Title: Aqua Scanner
Brand: Aqua Carpatica
Client: Valvis Holding



Creative Director: Andrei Cohn
Creative Director: Alex Negoescu
Copywriter: Roxana Cristea
Art Director: Daniel Moisa
Account Director: Arina Stoenica
Account Manager: Oana McGingley
Digital Project Manager: Raluca Diaconu
Strategic Planner: Diana Caracota
Client Service Director: Ruxandra Savulescu
A/V Production Director: Ilinca Dumitrescu
President: Jean Valvis
PR & Communications Manager: Valentina Vesler
Online Communications Manager: Claudia Tocila



Digital Agency: Atelieru de Internet
Digital Agency: Wired Views



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